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  1. I have no idea if this is true or not; Regardless of some events, I am saddened by this news, it seems that list is now forever growing. There was a time we worked very well together and we made some great things happen, for a while I would of considered you a friend. Perhaps even a close friend. There is a number of mutuals I will have to track down and deliver this news, and that will be hard. I remember many years ago when you had a similar scare not exactly health issues, but in a way I am glad you made it until today. I also remember the countless hours we played on evony together back in 2009 for a couple of weeks, some very fond memories there. RIP dude. You will be remembered.
  2. So now my name has been mentioned I guess I have to say something. I have met many many people from online... Tinder is addictive . But also have met many people from xat. All but 2 of them have remained good friends - Now to clear my name with Savannah's post. The awkwardness with Sav's is entirely her fault!!! We were the text book example of how NOT to meet up with someone online. I met her in an empty carpark at a pub she picked and was waiting at and she got right in my car and we started going to our final destination. Don't do that at home kids, its reckless and stupid, I and she could of been anyone. Turned out well though - I believe I knew her really well though this point... but still do not do it. Also, we only got lost as she was AWFUL at giving directions. In subsequent meets we actually met inside the pub with drinks on hand ready - much wiser - but I knew she wasn't a mass murderer at that point thankfully. Second time I met Sav, the hotel I crashed at still wins the award the most disgusting hotel I have ever stayed at - luckily I was partying at some weird Anime themed bar that night to really care. Now I have cleared my name... ill stop posting now, though I feel like this post has just exposed my true personality more than anything.
  3. Cyan

    Over 10 years on forums! Congrats!

    1. Crow


      Happy anniversary!


      Do you remember the day you registered? It probably only seems like 2 minutes ago...

    2. James




      I do actually, it was when subscriptions came out (And I think that was when register also came out, but not sure for certain)


      Instead of stars we all had globes, and I was jealous that this person called Chris (not admin chris) from some emo type chatroom had a globe, so I demanded how to get one.(toj) 

      Eventually the globes were replaced with the Stars we see today, a blue globe was subscriber status and a black globe was registered. 

  4. Welcome back. Quack Quack.
  5. Cyan

    Almost 8 years. 

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