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  1. Well they could be abilities to add your Twitch TV, Youtube Live, FAcebook live linked to your chat, also allowing a user to have a clickable smiley of their choice linked to your Twitch TV or whatever platform you use to livestream. The smilies could be more of a choice than listed. Thanks.
  2. So I have come up with an idea for people who like to Live stream on Youtube, Twitch, Facebook LIVE Etc. This could be a function and a smiley power. For the function use: Allow a user to add his streaming profile as linked above to a smiley, allowing the smiley clickable and having a banner above the smiley saying "I'm Live, Come watch!" with the link to their steaming profile. The smileys could include: A smiley holding a camera with a button flashing as they're recording repesenting IRL Streams, A Gaming pad with a flashing light on it repesenting Gaming Streams, Another holding a banner "I'm Live, Watch Me!" I'll add more to the post soon.
  3. 1. I never was in the group NOR do I want to be. 2. Why does xat need a "Contrubutors" rank? Honestly, just because someone has helped out a few times on a chat and on a forum doesn't give them a bit of privilege from other members in this so secret section.
  4. Hi, So my little suggestion is pretty clear that probably a lot of users and contributors themselves will probably agree with, I honestly feel like the Contributors rank isn't benefiting xat as all of xat deserve to have a say in the up coming news and events and other stuff that contributors have access to discuss about. I honestly feel before this group was added into xat we all communicated as a Community, all gave our opinions on whatever issues they was thrown at the community. We need to make the Forum like it used to be back in 2009. We need to talk to each other and communicate as a community not as a solo group. I'm not making this thread because I'm not a "Contributor" because that has no impact on me.
  5. Xaters Administrators: All Administrators have the ability to Remove or Revoke any status without notice if in breach of our Terms and Conditions. Actavus [Developer] Paul [Senior Administrator] Matt [Senior Administrator] Danne [Lead Administrator] *Lead Administrators have the ability to do anything on the website without asking Permission, However, Senior Administrator rank is the rank nobody can go beyond or disrespect. Xaters Moderators: Some Moderators marked with * have SOME Administrator perks, However they must ask permission from a Senior Administrator. * Paulo [ Administrator ] * Fiona [ Administrator ]
  6. These rules are to be followed in the forum, More will be added overtime so be aware they may change overtime. * No topics or posts are to be made about support or why your account has been banned. If we ban your account please take it up with support. * No topics about VIP status or removal of verification to be made. * Any inappropriate content on the xat group will be removed and reported directly to the appropriate team. **** More rules to be added ****
  7. 40k xats is my offer, if accepted, hit me up on xaters or Xat5. Thanks, Matt.
  8. Why get rid of flirt? Just don't go there.
  9. Mynewcar


    All Dutch chats on xat are basically radio stations, it wasn't a joke it's just that's the only popular chats in Dutch
  10. Hallo hoe gaat het?

    1. Madison


      Prima hoor, en met jou?

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