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  1. 40k xats is my offer, if accepted, hit me up on xaters or Xat5. Thanks, Matt.
  2. Why get rid of flirt? Just don't go there.
  3. No thanks, keep flirt.
  4. DJ

    All Dutch chats on xat are basically radio stations, it wasn't a joke it's just that's the only popular chats in Dutch
  5. Hallo hoe gaat het?

    1. Madison


      Prima hoor, en met jou?

  6. 734 hope this aint taken lol
  7. 643, 593, 239
  8. So with me it depends if I have the kids on my own whilst my partner goes out. Which this weekend she did! so we had mc Donald's Friday, KFC Saturday, Pizza Sunday. so ya. I eat it a lot. Lol
  9. Or a smiley holding up a sign saying "Not again" shaking his head whilst another smiley is talking to him?
  10. 5005 7779 9977 7878 787878 10017897 2017777 20171717 208976
  11. Standard feature, not a power.
  12. mine was a club penguin chat, then went to newHelp, the trade then went to help... opened my chat "Mynewcaralex" which was popular in like 2009/10 always had the user "mynewcar"
  13. I agree with this - either let forum mods approve or contributiors.
  14. Yesterday