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  2. I could last maybe 10 minutes. It depends on the number of players. If a player leaves, he will be replaced by a bot. That happened in the second gif and you can see the bot in the lower right corner.
  3. Hello, since my topic got deleted in the old forum here you have a repost of my idea. I suggest a Parcheesi like game. In Parcheesi each player has 4 pawns of the same colour (yellow, red, greenand blue) and a starting area called home on the board which comprises 68 numbered squares, 12 of which are safe (marked with a circle in the centre), which any pawn can land on. Each player has 7 squares to home and one finish (a larger square in the centre of the board) which only the pawns of that colour can move on. The aim of the game is to manage to take all the 4 pieces from home to the target square along all the board before the opponents. All the players start the game with the pieces in their respective nests, however it is possible to start the game with one piece at stake. Before starting the game, each player will roll the dice. The player that gets the highest number will be the one that starts the game. The players can take a piece out only when they get a 5. This action is compulsory whenever the player still has pieces at home, except if the start square is occupied by 2 pieces. If the variation Superparcheesi with two dice is played, the player must take a piece out if the sum of both dice is a 5, for example 2+3. It is also possible to get 5 and 5 and take all the pieces out on the same turn. I prefer the Superparcheesi version, but we can have the two options and configure it in the settings of the power. The game will work in the same way as the game card powers on xat. You have to select up to 4 players to play and you can even play 2 vs 2 (it can be configured). You have to click on the central circle with the left button of the mouse to throw the dice. To move one piece, you have to click on it to catch it and click on it again to place it in the square indicated (it is also possible to sweep it with just one click); to place it back in its orignal position, you have to release the piece in any parts of the board. The players will have at least 15 seconds (it can be confired) to make their move. If they don't do it on time, a bot will make the move for them. Also if a player loses the connection during the game, a robot will substitute him. The game could be like something similar to this but with the xavi avatars: This is a very fun game and I'm sure that a lot of users will enjoy it.
  4. Text: Brian Subtext: none Colors/Theme: I would like a combination of red, black and white. And It mustn't make hard to read the chat messages. Images: I don't know. Something creative
  5. Hi, this function power will allow you to try for a day a power that you don't have and will help you decide if you want to buy it or not. The chosen power will appear in the powers list with a symbol similar to the away clock that appears in the pawn. It won't be possible to choose powers like allpowers or everypower, and powers that you already have. The smiley could be similar to this smiley from blackfriday power but with a sign that says on sale: I thought about 3 different options for this power: First option: To prevent the abuse of this power, only once a week you can choose any power to try it for a day. Second Option: The power will be similar to DX power. When you use the power it goes. The power will be unlimited Third Option: It's similar to the first option but you can only try for a day the new power of the week. I hope you like my idea .
  6. Dreamsbot Dreambot Dreamerbot EasyBot Fastbot EasyAndFastBot NextBot NextGenBot (next generation bot) OPBot (over power bot)
  7. I miss the old goo smiley. It was one of my favorites smilies u.u. I also miss the old cyc smiley, it was funny and I often used it to say no. But I can no longer use it for that. Actually I don't even use the new cyc smiley.

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