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  1. On 18/03/2016 at 11:02 AM, xatAzure said:

    The color effect i used on the mountains

    I'd be interested in seeing how you do this too ;D

  2. On 06/03/2016 at 8:00 AM, TrueRedDevil said:

    To commemorate the new forum, I decided that I would share my (inner) chatbox template with everyone.


    Hopefully I cleaned up most of the garbage layers, so it should not be too confusing.



    DOWNLOAD HERE (Mediafire; zip)

    Password:  72609709


    Happy designing!


    Thank you. Had my eye on your template for a while, glad to finally be able to use it :p


  3. Hello!

    I'm CSY, and I've been doing xat graphics since 2011. I mainly started off as a animated avatar (otherwise known as 2D GIFs) hobbyist as I wasn't ready to spend 200 xats to get someone to make me one. 


    I started expanding my scope and working on xat backgrounds in 2013. I didn't know a lot about graphics and most of my stuff were things randomly placed on top of each other on paint.net. I slowly learnt about GIMP, which would be the programme for a lot of my projects.


    I began working on generic graphics after my parents asked me how making bgs for chats was "useful". Not that they thought graphics was useful, but they were willing to let it slide if I learnt some skills. As an avid pokemon fan, I engaged in a Pokemon community and started doing a lot of signatures. I personally love doing signatures, because every bit can be toned to perfection - unlike xat, where you have the main canvas, but you also have to remember where the chat overlays go.


    I got Photoshop towards the end of 2014, and it's been a useful tool for me since.


    So yea. I can pretty much do anything you ask - animated avatars, xat graphics and other stuff.


    Here's my portfolio: https://www.behance.net/CSYDesigns


    I'm usually on xat.com/graphics.

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  4. Each chat (and their respective mains) probably enjoy a different style of backgrounds. Perhaps host a "designer of the month" thing for people to refer to. Not too sure about making all official chats use a certain designers' work :p

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