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  1. Hey nice penguin avatar I do like this template much more than the previous one you used actually. I'm not sure if it was intended that way but I think you might want to move the smiley shadows down a couple pixels (check img below) so they do look like actual shadows underneath the smileys instead of a weird sort of black flare Not sure if you're taking critiques here, if you aren't just ignore me haha. (and remember that its only my opinion, ultimately make what you think looks good) I agree that the blur doesn't seem necessary especially for a BG suck as the mickey/don
  2. Here's a 2nd entry (I thought the render 'wasted' such a 'nicely' made background so I did one without it too): Remind me to never use pink again, I feel like i've been experimental enough today to last me an entire lifetime Credits: Render Template by Rant
  3. Hey Version with brighter border (I don't think it works too well with the white BG of the forums, but posting for future personal use) - http://i.imgur.com/k5g5Xwd.png Credit: Kirigirl render from pinterest I may make another entry if I get some time Plus I still have 3 more anime suggestions x) Please h8/critique (9/3/2017 - Edited dimensions to fit forum requirements)
  4. Here's a version with a recolored render (http://i.imgur.com/UMrett1.png), as suggested by le god hype Credits: Smiley bar and buttons by Draii Levi render from Pinterest (https://www.pinterest.com/mikasajaegera/levi/) H8/critique appreciated.
  5. #TeamIronMan or I mean, #TeamCapt if you're a CA fan
  6. Good work, and congratulations to the winners
  7. CommanderCSY


    I'd be interested in seeing how you do this too ;D
  8. Looking great man. Would definitely love to try out some of those smiley bars Thanks
  9. Would be an idea i'd like to see implemented
  10. Started off at xat.com/PokemonTD or some other PTD chat. Got animate from a friend and because I didn't want to spend 200 xats on an avatar, I started getting into making avatars, and moved onto Graphics.
  11. Best smiley power. (Anime) Best function power: (me) Best group power (gline) Best bot provider: Fexbots
  12. Thank you. Had my eye on your template for a while, glad to finally be able to use it
  13. Hello! I'm CSY, and I've been doing xat graphics since 2011. I mainly started off as a animated avatar (otherwise known as 2D GIFs) hobbyist as I wasn't ready to spend 200 xats to get someone to make me one. I started expanding my scope and working on xat backgrounds in 2013. I didn't know a lot about graphics and most of my stuff were things randomly placed on top of each other on paint.net. I slowly learnt about GIMP, which would be the programme for a lot of my projects. I began working on generic graphics after my parents asked me how making bgs for chats was
  14. Each chat (and their respective mains) probably enjoy a different style of backgrounds. Perhaps host a "designer of the month" thing for people to refer to. Not too sure about making all official chats use a certain designers' work
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