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  1. Received the prize! Thank you so much for hosting
  2. Effect powers are special powers that allow you to use different visual effects with smilies. Powers that are pure, FX Ballfx Balloonfx Bitefx Clockfx Fireworksfx Gamefx2 Glitterfx Heartfx Lovefx Magicfx Nuclear Phasefx Pulsefx Spacefx Sparklefx Spiralfx Treefx Valfx Vortexfx Whirlfx Powers that have smilies but include FX Allhallows Ani1 Animegirl Battle Bird Blueoni Easterland Kmoon Ksun Rocks
  3. The fish need different patterns... [any Magikarp Jump fans?]
  4. Outer: http://i.imgur.com/PW0kTUb.png Button Color: #B3EEFF (GBack: #sloth or #envy) (Inner, V1: http://i.imgur.com/DjgZZSV.png ) >> Preview << Feel free to leave feedback there Template by draii Help logo by rant time to retire
  5. A position in graphics has always been a testament to dedication in graphics. It's always guaranteed a certain caliber in work (and was why owners used to be lang'ed as artists. Now its designer moderator/designer owner, but I think 'designer' is still pretty telling) That being said, I'm not sure why you'd like hanging out in graphics chat if you don't do graphics; it's the place to discuss, buy, and sell graphics. Of course, if the chat ever chooses to go promo, temp mods for trusted non-designers is probably good for keeping things going. Anyways, best of luck to you Manu. I'll stick around for a while x)
  6. Honestly cannot believe you're a beginner When I just got started, all i knew how to do was spam "overlay" Keep up the good work and I hope you don't lose your passion for designing =D
  7. Signature images cannot be greater than 150 px in height. I would assume that as long as your file can be uploaded to imgur/whatever, there is no issue concerning the size of the file if you are using the BB-code.
  8. @Navith made a .pdn version of one of his older templates that was posted on the old forums Whilst it does not seem like his new free thread still contains the download link, you could approach him to see if he still has the file. Otherwise if he grants me permission, I'm happy to upload the version I have. In addition, there is a .pdn version of Colors Festival (this only has essentially 2 layers that you have to work with, which is extremely beneficial for a simple pdn project) But like oj suggested, the best method seems to be to get the plugin that'll let you open .psd files on pdn.
  9. Entry #2 (Variation) Credit: Render Might get one final entry in if my head stops hurting u.u (I am hoping this resolution works.)
  10. EDIT: Resized First entry, will probably make another one Credit: Vector landscape
  11. 333, 426, 500 CSYDesigns (101046080)
  12. Lets go ~~~~ Text: CSY Subtext: 101046080 Colors/Theme: Orange/Red Images: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/a8/71/6f/a8716f8f85b1ac5963700d971462c70a.jpg Other information: Please don't use cursive though Thank you
  13. I'd honestly love to enter but apparently I need to be advanced member to be able to try it out on my own profile... @LaFleur How exactly does the 1740x264 work? on smaller screens especially.
  14. Happy birthday Chelly :3

    1. Chelly


      Thank you CSY :3

  15. 1. Are we better off keeping things the way they are? 2. Should we make use of a single mega thread? 3. Would a hybrid of the two work? And finally an add-on to the main question at hand: 4. Does our current structure for this section make sense?
  16. _____ _____ _____ ______ _ _ _____ _ _ | ____ | | | | | \ | | | | |____/ |_____| |_____| | _____| | _____/ |_____ |_____| |_____ |_ \_ I swear if xat deletes the formatting should have used a generator and quoted like shake
  17. Animate. Is also the reason for a bunch of my other powers... and for that, it remains my favorite power
  18. Bad one: When PTD (Pokemon Tower Defense) started dying and all the chats (PokemonTD, PTD12, aPTD, etc) I went to started losing traction. Lost most of my good friends in a gradual decline over 6 months or so - most of them started getting into something called Pokefarm but because I was way too far behind (and well too far ahead in PTD), i never got into the game. I had a really good friend, one I would consider a 'best' friend at the time. We were BFF'ed on xat but because our interests no longer aligned, we started drifting apart... and our conversations soon became "Hey" "How's life" "good you" "Yea pretty good... see you around". I guess it was inevitable, but it still saddened me to follow him one day and see a little heart icon next to his pawn... Luckily, I found another interest during my pursuit for Nameglow... leading onto my good moment -
  19. April 1st? Sounds fishy.... Please make Ethan a judge so I don't have to compete against him and Lunala Anyways reserved
  20. Final entry... back to what I'm used to this time ;P Credits: Render
  21. Attempted a new style Credits: Render As usual, criticism/hate is appreciated ^^ (especially since I'm trying something new, I do want to know what others think)
  22. I don't consider myself great in any way so take my opinion with a grain of salt haha. There's obvious, impressive progression throughout the chronological showcase of your BGs. I'm not a big fan of the template but I guess it suits your darker style so no major complaint there. Your earlier work (i presume), looked like textures overlayed on dark colors with a render slapped on top which I wasn't really a fan of, such as this one However like I mentioned, there's quite obvious improvements and i'm actually a fan of something like this Comparatively much more minimalist in terms of background to your other designs with what i consider to be very effective text and a recolored render that helps draw emphasis without taking too much from it. Then we go to the animated BGs... which I believe suits the complex textured bgs quite well in terms of contrast (so basically the overlays work here or maybe ya just got better xD). The style works, the animations are simple enough but most importantly they're, for the most part, effective. What I mean is something like this The guy is pointing up, the flares are going up. The flow works and I don't feel like its out of place/forced like a lot of the other stuff I see. I'm not a big fan of most of the text styles though (such as http://i.imgur.com/5oKIIbF.gif - its quite hard to make out what is written actually) Then we go onto the xatspaces... which I can only presume is your latest work. The text styles have significantly improved from the BGs. I am a big fan of the shapes and honestly I don't have much criticism for your work there. Everything fits well. Good work. Final comments: You obviously searched for a style that works for you and found it. If you want to expand your expertise or develop new skills, I would agree with some of the comments above in terms of trying out lighter colors. Or try focusing a BG around text because there's not always a render or theme for you to use (As in use text as the centerpiece, not just an accompaniment). I think whilst every designer should have their own style, experimenting and varying stuff can ultimately help develop new ideas. A lot of good work here though, keep it up.
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