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  1. I feel like entering just to give the community some hope
  2. I have received my prize! Thanks so much for hosting, Kopas (and hooray Netherlands!)
  3. I can't find ya on discord, add me


  4. What are you saying? This is a masterpiece. Think about all the potential situations you can use this power in.... catnmouse - when your cat grows a gray tumor on his head and is seeking medical attention cnmeat - when youre so hungry that you feel like you can stretch your mouth 20x its original size cnmkiss - When youre borderline trying to eat someone then get a conscience and decide to smell them instead cnmcchase - when you see a bug and decide to slowly stroll behind them. Come to think of it they should rename it as cnmstroll cnmdangle - when you're trying to torture poor little animals cnmmchase - when you're doing science experiments and changing the gut microbiota of cats and mice, causing obese mice and underfed cats. cnmd - when you decide dressing your cat is not enough and put make up on them cnmcheese - this just looks weird im sorry, why is the cat caressing a piece of cheese? cnmcback and cnmmback - for furries, cat/mouse-kin everywhere
  5. Prize received from Nathan, thank you for hosting again, Bau. Best of luck with reviving Ajutor
  6. netherlands, 532 csydesigns(101046080)
  7. https://images8.alphacoders.com/100/1003220.png https://images3.alphacoders.com/949/949023.jpg https://images6.alphacoders.com/948/948861.jpg Thanos needs his headgear, or thor might actually stand a chance if he wasn't too short :))
  8. Do you remember me?

    1. Ereshkigal


      not a person that could be forgotten that easily :D

  9. I'm bored, so hello guys inner: (Minor variation: ) Outer: Testing at: https://xat.com/extinguish?231 Buttons: PCback is #envy or #sloth color is #8EC4FF credits: the help logo is from rant
  10. In reply to Ediz - I do not believe so. Many designers have, since the beginning of xat, offered free BGs to official/tribute chats, because primarily, it is free advertising to a wide audience. Yet, many chats still did competitions for certain events - these competitions allow a larger group of people to participate, draws attention to newer, up-coming designers, and also give incentive for people to put more time and effort into a background. A conglomerate, organized method of doing this would be interesting. Best of luck.
  11. 1 - Manu made the background for Rhea, as posted: https://forum.xat.com/topic/4001-rhea-pcback-psd/ 2 - It was made so you can learn how to make your own, not take the PSD, make minor adjustments, and enter a contest with it You do not own the rights to this BG, as the original idea was Manu's and you simply plagiarized his work.
  12. RANDOM (uppercase) Bump, nameglow, hat, gline (smilies need to be lower case), link (links need to be lowercse to work), away, status (lowercase) one more try xd
  13. RANDOM (uppercase) Bump, nameglow, hat (lowercase)
  14. PC with another user: chess, pool, Four in a row, doodle Main chat with everyone: spacewar, matchrace, doodlerace, snakerace, switch, hearts, darts, zwhack, shoot
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