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  1. I feel like entering just to give the community some hope
  2. I have received my prize! Thanks so much for hosting, Kopas (and hooray Netherlands!)
  3. I can't find ya on discord, add me


  4. What are you saying? This is a masterpiece. Think about all the potential situations you can use this power in.... catnmouse - when your cat grows a gray tumor on his head and is seeking medical attention cnmeat - when youre so hungry that you feel like you can stretch your mouth 20x its original size cnmkiss - When youre borderline trying to eat someone then get a conscience and decide to smell them instead cnmcchase - when you see a bug and decide to slowly stroll behind them. Come to think of it they should rename it as cnmstroll cnmdangle - when you're trying to torture poor little animals cnmmchase - when you're doing science experiments and changing the gut microbiota of cats and mice, causing obese mice and underfed cats. cnmd - when you decide dressing your cat is not enough and put make up on them cnmcheese - this just looks weird im sorry, why is the cat caressing a piece of cheese? cnmcback and cnmmback - for furries, cat/mouse-kin everywhere
  5. Prize received from Nathan, thank you for hosting again, Bau. Best of luck with reviving Ajutor
  6. netherlands, 532 csydesigns(101046080)
  7. https://images8.alphacoders.com/100/1003220.png https://images3.alphacoders.com/949/949023.jpg https://images6.alphacoders.com/948/948861.jpg Thanos needs his headgear, or thor might actually stand a chance if he wasn't too short :))
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