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  1. Halloween weekend 2017

    Good luck to all partecipants ^^
  2. Peluche

    Aw so cutee i realy like it.
  3. I'm from Italy and live in Italy.
  4. Aiuto background contest

    The winner for Aiuto background contest is Marshall!!! thanks to all partecipants all your graphics wos very good. Thanks also to Matti for help me during the contest.
  5. Aiuto background contest

    Contest will be closed tonight at 24:00 UTC+1:00 Italy. If someone want to shoot one last entry this is the time!
  6. Aiuto background contest

    I have good news for all partecipants we got donations and the final price will increase to 6000 k of xats, good luck.
  7. 462 MARK

    should be usefull for screen shoot maybe
  8. Aiuto background contest

    Still one week to the end of the contest, i have already see some good entry and probably there will be add more to the final price for the winner
  9. FLGPWN 460

    Btw it would be cool if the flag will move in the pawn.
  10. Aiuto background contest

    Hopefully will be respected
  11. Aiuto background contest

    ehm ops is october
  12. Is long time Aiuto need a new background and i have finaly decided to open a contest for it. You can post many entries as you want! REQUIREMENTS AND LIMITATIONS -It must contain "Aiuto ufficiale in lingua italiana". - You must provide inner and outer bg as well. - We prefer blue and white color for it and we like question mark symbol. - You need to provide also button colors code. - Use css is allowed. -You must put your enter publicy here. The price is 5000 xats and Crow will keep it(the winner will need to find Crow for take his price when contest end); If we will got other donation and price will change i will inform you during the contest. I'm the only judges for the contest. Deadline: 10th October. I wish good luck to all the partecipants!
  13. Happy birthday Jay!!! (hug)