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  1. Co-Manager Sydno

    grats sydno <3
  2. Hi, i'm selling id 10346 pc me for serious offer thanks.
  3. , i have new id 1221 pls add me there i will sell the old one thanks.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Luca


      ty <3 it cost my everypower sigh

    3. Mark



    4. Simone


      Nice id! congratz :p

  4. Post Your Internet Speed

    72 ms 6.35 mbps down 2.70 mbps up =shame xd
  5. 444 FISHBOWL

    a cutie fish indeed!
  6. Congratulations Solange!

    Congratulation Solange! i'm sure u will do an excellent work on Cambio.
  7. neon hat permanent

    yeah also kawai is cool well in my opinion i think we should have more permanent hats, everyone will appreciate them.
  8. neon hat permanent

    Hello, i think neon hat is very cool. What do you think if it would be permanent?
  9. 442 Neon

    neon hat beautiful, i would like to see it permanent.
  10. 430 RUBY

    yes it will be, and wos already suggested.
  11. Happy birthday lemona <3

    1. Lemona


      Thanks Luca! =) <3

  12. Happy birthday Crow (hug)

    1. Crow


      Thanks! (hug) I hope you're doing well!

  13. ciao ivan :)

    1. Alieno


      Ciao Luca! :)