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  1. Happy birthday  ArzCoyotes1999Fan   



  2. I want to report a guy named <removed>, He Keeps private chatting me, Saying "<removed> Sharp," Etc, Etc, And now thinks he's calling the cops, Please report him, <Removed>.
  3. Are there chatrooms for WWE/AEW/Other wrestling outlets? Are there active chatrooms for wolves? I know I created some chatrooms for wolves, But the "Packs" Are dead, I'm left with one active, Yet before there was some twenty plus active, I just want to know is all, And as the topic reads, DON'T Delete until I've read all post Please.
  4. And what you're saying is so long as I have an id number I can !Mail with a robot, To another user regardless if registered or not. Correct?
  5. @Toxic that wasn't the problem, @Anas was correct However I would like to know how to "Mail" Someone.
  6. Any time I un add, And the fact the wifi where I am goes nuts causes me to not add someone back before I logout, And now I can't find an id number for Jordyn whose display name is River, And I'm not sure if she's on/offline. Can y'all please assist me without deleting the thread until I had a chance to read the thread?
  7. Happy birthday


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