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  1. I want to report a guy named <removed>, He Keeps private chatting me, Saying "<removed> Sharp," Etc, Etc, And now thinks he's calling the cops, Please report him, <Removed>.
  2. Are there chatrooms for WWE/AEW/Other wrestling outlets? Are there active chatrooms for wolves? I know I created some chatrooms for wolves, But the "Packs" Are dead, I'm left with one active, Yet before there was some twenty plus active, I just want to know is all, And as the topic reads, DON'T Delete until I've read all post Please.
  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. And what you're saying is so long as I have an id number I can !Mail with a robot, To another user regardless if registered or not. Correct?
  5. @Toxic that wasn't the problem, @Anas was correct However I would like to know how to "Mail" Someone.
  6. Any time I un add, And the fact the wifi where I am goes nuts causes me to not add someone back before I logout, And now I can't find an id number for Jordyn whose display name is River, And I'm not sure if she's on/offline. Can y'all please assist me without deleting the thread until I had a chance to read the thread?
  7. Happy birthday


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