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  1. Happy birthday


  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday !

  4. This is stupid, All I was doing was visiting a popular chat, And leaving, I wasn't planning to stay.
  5. I need help I had a robot member me then ignore me, Please assist me, I don't care if robots add me, I just want to be guested.
  6. So, After all that it's all preference and nothing more?
  7. Ok, Stormblade I added thinking he was a she, Because of an avatar picture, And the other avatar picture thing I just simply asked, Isn't there a rule.
  8. I had my xatspace deleted one year, I wanted to report a chat, Another Avatar picture problem, I wanted to know if someone can hack my other account, Had a question after adding a guy named "Stormblade," And I had a robot member me in "Lit," There's the list, Feel free to assist me.
  9. Scroll through my history, It's mainly Self explanatory, I'm having every issue, The avatar pictures are the latest.
  10. None of my issues are resolved, Yet y'all just sweep it under a rug, Just please stop until my issues are resolved. Ok?
  11. Not that "Lagging" The other word, For lack of members assisting other members, Even Assistance has that problem.
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