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  1. Like Anar said, you will need to contact a volunteer here on the forum. Check https://forum.xat.com/staff/ and then hit Message.
  2. Hi there, Click here and then hit ''Message'' to send a message. Make sure to include the regname/or ID of your xat account when sending a private message and they will gladly help you.
  3. Congratulations on wiki translator big boy!

    1. valGOD


      Congratulations, Felipe!

  4. Olá, Eu creio que a sua conta foi bloqueada devido à inatividade, já que você disse que ficou ausente por muito tempo. As contas inativas recebem um bloqueio de transferências e pagamentos por razões de segurança. Você deve abrir um ticket sob o departamento ''Account Block''. Certifique-se de preencher o campo Subject com pelo menos cinco palavras ou mais. Você deve aguardar por uma resposta após abrir um ticket. O processo de resposta pode demorar, no entanto, seja paciente. Além disso, o ticket deve ser em Inglês. Você pode usar um tradutor se for necessário.
  5. Do not click OK when you receive a message telling you that it's disabled. Click the green padlock icon in the address bar, look for the puzzle icon, click ''Detect (default)'', and then select ''Always allow on this site''. It should fix the issue. Click this in case you don't get it.
  6. Congratulations, Angelo! Have fun editing the wiki.
  7. Chatrooms. On the forums, I only discuss things when I find them interesting. I don't find most things interesting. However, I spend a lot of time on chatrooms.
  8. Hello, In that case, you should send a private message to a volunteer here on the forum. Make sure to include the ID or username of your account so they can open a ticket for you. Send a private message to one of these volunteers: Muffins - forum.xat.com/profile/1107-muffins/ Nick - forum.xat.com/profile/8435-nick/ Steven - forum.xat.com/profile/24132-steven/
  9. I decided not to clear cookies and plugin data when clearing my browsing data and it stopped asking me to check my email for some reason. It asks me to check my email when I clear cookies. Being on the same browser and device doesn't matter, it will ask me anyway.
  10. Thanks to everyone who congratulated me! Congratulations, Crow and Chelly.
  11. Felipe

    Quote in xat

    You can just PC a user in case they don't read your answer and reply back to it in main chat. It's really not that hard to do that. But if this is actually implemented, you should at least be able to mention/highlight a user by their nickname (if their username is too long, of course). When you mention a user, it should show their username and ID along with their nickname. This is to avoid confusion when there are two people with the same nickname.
  12. You can already do that with certain powers. It requires the angel and invert power for this to work. You can make a smiley ''fall down'' using invert. Is that what you meant?
  13. I think it shouldn't be a power, but a feature. I like the idea that the user would need to enable account locking or authentication before checking most recent transactions, as this will help the user keep their information secure.
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