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  1. Not possible, one account per email address. Try cleaning your old recovery emails from info@xat and then try to recover it again. When you recover your account via xat.com/lostpass you'll be emailed with your current register name and a link to reset your password. If you do not receive this link, check your spam box. If the lost password refuses to send an email to recover your account, it means that it no longer exists.
  2. Some examples would be great! I've heard about but as typical food only. I'm sure that traditions around camping and bonfire can yield power ideas, like adventure.
  3. Deactivated


    Maybe to read messages and not be seen online at first. In that case, don't be seen on top, since any user can still scroll down to view the visitors list. From a later reading, instead of lowering users, another invisible version or update for guests would make it more appropriate. If you want at some point join a chat and don't want to be noticed, that would work better.
  4. Deactivated


    Some situations you say to be lower and hidden from other users? The same function can be achieved deactivating all powers that makes you stay on top, you can also use a large ID or Regname. If you are an owner use $tealth to make you look like a guest using "$" in front of your name, which's ideal for chatting with suspected rule breakers and seeing how they react to users who aren't mods/owners or totally out of sight perhaps invisible. I don't see a reason why a member or a guest wants to be lower, it would be of no use to them.
  5. My sincere apologies, it wasn't related to index when I read. I'm supporting any change about the index page and maybe this subject gets into more discussion due to HTML5 changes. While about the redesign, there are people who can volunteer their work for it. In terms of new projects, spending money would bring future profits, even if they do not appear to be profitable in short term. This old question may still be recurrent, after all users do not have a total knowledge of the facts that've occurred, but most projects involving small changes can be made without the heavy funding from xat.
  6. Not the starting point, but your assumption may be correct. Changing some aspects shows caution when bringing new updates to certain queries. While changing the homepage, it really would change something about the "interest" matter? Some ideas have been suggested for homepage, they only need the members support: https://forum.xat.com/topic/1996-home-button-customization/ https://forum.xat.com/topic/6843-custom-home-box-power/
  7. Don't be so sure, after all this can be done easily without further involving admins. A hyperlink would fit perfectly along other features that wiki provides.
  8. Somehow the updates are encompassing what some applications provide already, like Discord. However, any way to increase xat seems to be for the progress sake.
  9. The animation to represent the ban/kick function when applying to users can make the convo act more fun.
  10. The client side only wouldn't affect the rest of them. If this power somehow use macros, it would basically work through macros to turn it on.
  11. Let's move the idea! After the last fixed bug in the rank points system, this can be solved easily. While about throw the online users up, this change will improve friend list display.
  12. Happy birthday!

    1. Stif


      obg princesinha!

    2. 6


      Happy birthday!

  13. The valsa dance consists of pairs, it is difficult to create double-sided smilies to represent couples. I also think you could add smilies that can be used in valsa as a lady, a gentleman, drinks and punch (valsa things) in general.
  14. Deactivated


    The horse's idea seems to be rather vague, but I think it can be improved. As for the hats, would they be horses too (simple horse heads)?
  15. The wiki page is up! https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Samba
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