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  1. 16 minutes ago, Mister said:

    but for the already reported problems... of "powers" ex: angel / six and other basic functions... if they are ready, fixed... the user wants to receive urgently!

    Due to these kinds of issues, we decided to roll out the beta on /xat before the public release on all chats.


    For example, we never spotted the link power issues or /o issues before it was released for all... very bad issues for heavily used features.


    We can't risk releasing versions immediately unless we are confident we are not rolling out critical issues to users.


    So, we'll sure benefit from this change. If the beta testing goes well with no serious bugs spotted, it will surely roll out on all chats ASAP.

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  2. Can you please elaborate about the reasons to remove this just implemented button?


    I don't see any real reason to remove this. This was added for accessibility reasons. 


    You can still use the old way (navbar) if you liked it better, so I don't see the harm of this but the benefits. 

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  3. Hello, Steven.


    Thank you for your feedback. 


    We are well aware about the missing Gameban and Gamerace powers and we DO have the intention to create their HTML5 versions (and even new ones). 


    Spaceban was the last game released (a year ago) and then we focused on other stuff as we had 4 games done so far, but we will be making games again soon. (and this time's for real (sry))

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  4. 14 hours ago, Henrique said:

    @JuniorI know it's possible to minimize, but it's always a good idea not to limit users. The minimize option is perfect for listening to a sound, watching something like a podcast and keeping an eye on the chat, for example, it wouldn't work (minimizing wouldn't be the best alternative to solve this visibility problem.) Thanks for your comment and for reading the suggestion. :p

    Yeah, but this pop-up player wasn't designed to be used outside of the chatbox, since this is why we have the Media app for. 


    If the size of it is too big and covers important info for you, you can always switch it to play on the Media app, as Kyle suggested. 

  5. We are extremely happy that you guys liked this power! 


    19 minutes ago, ALEX said:

    Idea for statusfx


    Bicolor - gradient between two colors like a namewave

    That would be statusgrad+statuswave. :$


    22 hours ago, ALEX said:

    like a light that illuminates the name quickly and at the end the full name appears complete with the same effect

     I can't really visualize what you're trying to explain. Maybe some graphic representation might help. 


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  6. 4 hours ago, Maxo said:

    To be honest i don't like it too much, i think it could have been better than this way

    How would you improve it? I'm sure Mihay will be happy to listen to your suggestion and add it to the power if good enough.

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  7. On 9/16/2020 at 2:12 AM, RobFerrari said:

    Here for example, today I put 500 xats to buy the gamer which is currently between 600x - 650x (in fact I put an amount less than its value) and still it showed me this window as if I was being scammed. 

    Gamer originally costed 222 xats on xat store, which is why it still shows that you're being scammed. Trade app compares the xats you put against xat store prices.


    Regarding your suggestion, I think you've made a valid point and I guess anything that helps improving the trading experience is good to have.


    Thanks for taking the time to post this. (applause)

  8. Saludos, Uniik.


    Lamento escuchar que no hayas obtenido la información necesaria en cuanto a tus preguntas, pero trataré de responder las dudas que tengas:



    1- Cómo se diseña el  xatframe

    Los xatframes son pequeños diseños web incrustados en el fondo del chat, por lo tanto diseñar un xatframe sería el mismo proceso que diseñar un xatspace dinámico utilizando el power Me. Hay que tomar en cuenta que necesitas conocimientos en programación (por lo menos HTML y CSS).



    2- En que programa o sugerencias de cual se puede usar

    Necesitas usar editores de código para programar en HTML y CSS, puedes usar Notepad++, Atom e incluso Visual Studio Code.



    3- Cómo se sube al servidor que da el xat.com

    Para usar un xatframe en tu grupo sólo necesitas registrate Github y subir los archivos ahí, para luego utilizar el enlace del archivo en la sección de xatframe en la configuración de tu grupo de chat.


    Pero, si quieres compartir tu xatframe con todos, puedes subirlo en esta sección del foro y seguir las instrucciones especificadas ahí.



    4-Cuánto tiempo tardan en aceptarlos.

    Si todo está en orden en tu xatframe (si sigue las reglas) no debería tardar más de uno o dos días en ser aceptado. Pero recuerda que esto es sólo si quieres compartir tu xatframe con todos en la librería de xatframes.

    Si sólo quieres utlizarlo para tus propios grupos de chat, sólo debes hacer el paso de registrate en Github y subir los archivos.



    - Programa que se diseña

    Como ya había mencionado, debes de utlizar editores de código. Si realmente quieres aprender a hacer tus propios xatframes, te recomiendo que veas algunos tutoriales de diseño web con HTML y CSS.



    -en que formato se guarda,

    El formato del archivo debe de ser HTML



    -Cómo se sube a la web,

    Te recomiendo el siguiente video el cual explica a detalle como usar Github para subir webs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaxgF4v4hms




    -Cómo se obtiene el code para subirlo al xat.com y lo acepten.

    Una vez tengas el xatframe hecho, solo tienes que copiar todo el contenido del archivo HTML y ese será el código que proporciones en el formulario, si quieres compartirlo en la librería de xatframes.


    Si tienes algunaa otra duda sobre xatframe o cualquier otra cosa relacionada a HTML5, no dudes en enviarme un mensaje privado.


    También puedes ver mas información sobre xatframes en español: https://ayuda.xat.chat/uso-xatframe/

  9. 1 hour ago, Crow said:

    Will underline be added?


    Underline was not considered since it might be confusing with xat default and link power links.


    24 minutes ago, Lemona said:

     Ctrl + s might make more sense for strikethrough, though.


    Ctrl + s is already taken in browsers, this is why ctrl + u  was used instead.


    24 minutes ago, Lemona said:

    With that said, I'm slightly against adding hyperlinked text because I think it gives chat staff more work having to review each linked word/phrase and it could be abused for the wrong reasons (ie. for phishing). It seems like more work to hyperlink a word than to simply type or paste a link anyway.


    If you hover over a hypertext it will show the link, so I don't think moving your mouse over the link will be much of a hard work to do.


    17 minutes ago, Jasmine said:

    I suggest that it gets controlled from the group settings, or adding an option to disable/enable it in gcontrol if its possible, so moderators specially in official chats don't have to go through the hassle of checking every hyperlinked message.


    Well, adding a setting to disable markdown (in your side only) might be a posible solution, if you insist.


    Thank you for all the feedback! We're happy to see you all enjoyed this feature :).



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