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  1. Junior

    524 WIGS

    For those who were worried about the similarity of Wigs with Sia LSD (which was obviously inspired by her), it has been modified and now, to use the old one, you need to use wigs#w1. Thanks.
  2. Junior

    524 WIGS

    No. Thanks guys!
  3. Junior

    524 WIGS

    I hope you guys enjoy it!
  4. For those who don't know, you get your apikey from login page. You just need to login and tick "reset apikey" checkbox then click "update security settings" button.
  5. Junior

    APPBOT power intro

    The Game Makers are people working close to xat admins to improve Appbot power. Anyone can make games but those people are helping xat to develope a better system to improve Appbot's features and fix its bugs. Game Makers also make games to be officially offered to xat users for everyone to play. People are more likely going to make games for their own chat, so they make games for general purposes.
  6. Pigift has been renamed to pigfit.
  7. Yeah, @Admin was probably in hurry. Anyways, it's not needed. It will be fixed as soon as possible.
  8. New smiley Pigswing added.
  9. Thank you. I'm glad you like it.
  10. Happy Birthday!

    1. Sydno


      Thank you! : )

  11. This idea sounds quite interesting and sounds like something I would use all the time. (just the way I do on Whatsapp lol)
  12. Yes, it has been added to Superhalloween collection.
  13. Junior

    Power Memes2

    This was suggested before. We can't make this because of the copyrights.
  14. Of course. This doesn't need to be on any specific/special power or something. You, as smiley maker, can always open a thread and ask the community for ideas for powers like this anytime.
  15. We are looking for ideas for Muertos power. We will be adding more smileys solely based on users' ideas. So, post your ideas! (Just in case, we will not edit current smileys. We will add more ones only.) By the way, the smileys will be added shortly so let your ideas flow quickly.
  16. It has. For some reason, it´s not working. It will be fixed soon
  17. Yeah, that's a common bug with size power and fx smileys.
  18. Junior


    I don't really see the point of this power suggestion. Why would you want to ban someone in x chat while being on y? The purpose of Boot power is to transfer a user to another chat (i.e when someone is asking for help in the wrong chat). If you want to ban someone from a chat while they are not currently on you can do it using different methods (adding them, using manage power, etc)
  19. Junior


    Could you explain more the purpose of the power / the main idea? The smilies you have suggested so far already exist in different powers:
  20. Junior

    Mixture power

    Nice! Just to make sure, again; this doesn't mean this power will be made nor you'll receive a reward (test power) if your idea gets chosen. If this power gets made, its purpose might be to create something from and for the community. Just take that as a reward itself. If this power gets enough attention and suggestions from the community, I might make it (and the other smiley makers if they join me) and see what admins say about it. p.s: Graphical examples and well-written descriptions will help a lot.
  21. :o¡Felicidades serote! :$(hug)

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