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  1. I think he means you need to clear cache to get the updated server for the new trade feature.
  2. I was thinking something like holidays.
  3. Pretty nice and interesting suggestions. I think this could work and be a good power, but no idea how would they be (i was trying to think in one way and failed xD)
  4. It's expensive because it's a nice power.
  5. Finding yourself isn't about life. About yourself life's creating.

  6. This is the issue, you guys complain about there are a lot of animals powers and that you want fresh/new ideas/styles for smiley powers, but you don't suggest anything about that what you want. Go ahead and come on with those original fresh and cool ideas you're thinking on!
  7. Bruh you should read the old comments it's possible but smiley makers are lazy We are not lazy, it's just TOO MUCH.
  8. If the door doesn't build, nock a oportunity.

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      Mr.OwiS, if you have lost your auth you need to open a ticket ( http://util.xat.com/support/index.php < click here ) under ''Lost Auth'' help topic and request for your auth to be reset.

      For other help topic or further assistance you can help through this thread here http://forum.xat.com/forum/4-general-support/ < click here or you can also go to xat.com/Help chat and we'll gladly assist you.

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  9. a rainbow Tries to be a cloud in someone.

  10. Wow nice this would be a very nice power!!!! *notice the sarcasm*
  11. Try to be pot of gold in someone's rainbow.

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      Try to walk to see the a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

  12. Junior

    Excite Power

    We could get this made on mixture power or maybe a new free smiley
  13. Junior

    Bear Power

    It's not the same at all, those are animal powers, only one thing that can't be varied however those are irish, luck and patrick can vary and this usually happens in holiday powers only.
  14. Junior

    Bear Power

    We have gkbear, ceebear, and a bear smileys in different powers, isn't it enough
  15. It looks very cute, but we already have Drip power.
  16. Last time (a long time ago) someone suggested this and everyone said it was copyrighted now i'm confused, can you make sure and find out if it is or not? If not, I think this could work, why not.
  17. Yes, WE NEED MORE BUNNY SMILIES!! Me too, all is fine as long as they are good and cute.
  18. jaja yes you guessed right
  19. Well, the one who suggested it was @Isa and i already made it, so if it gets released the credits will go to her
  20. Very nice and cute suggestion Lem . I'll keep it in mind <3
  21. yes, that's the same ban power we already have I think
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