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  1. he should do it again from all chats
  2. Mine is when he pced me too (GOO)!!!
  3. lol Hi guys. I know i said that the gradients in glow are not possible, and yes, it's not possible to add gradient in a glow and make it work like xat style, it would work like karl showed previously. I was testing and i got to make a glowgrad effect like was showed as idea in this thread, i got like with a "trick" like xat did with namegrad. It is clear that is technically not possible like grads in texts, but using others way it is. But so sorry anyway
  4. Hahaha nice introductions @Crow!
  5. Pframe was updated. Now we can use the lgbt flag without the frame. (I think its not working xat, the old one is still cached)
  6. Junior

    Double Letter

    But you should have started with S.
  7. If the amount of users is that high enough only.
  8. So Egypt, Morocco, Croatia and Kosovo?
  9. Why not superaway? cycle, supercycle?
  10. Bu the countries which most hang on xat only. Thnx
  11. Ok you can make the list and send me.
  12. Thanks God is not possible! (at least in xat style)
  13. Noooo, we need Scrollgrad, Chatnamegrad, Chattitlegrad, Pawngrad, Buttonsgrad, Homepagegrad, Textgrad, Hatgrad, Glowgrad, Avatarshadowgrad...
  14. Junior


    Good idea, i think this could be pretty useful. As was explained, it would be nice to categorize your friends different sections. Categorizing them doesn't mean they are not your friends or it be rude for them, in your whole friends list, they all could be your friends, but, they could also be djs, resellers, volunteers, traders, designers, etc, so it doesn't mean you are adding someone that you don't considered your friend or you are not interested to add to your friend list. Yes, she showed a scammer tab, and of course, those are not her friends, but as she said, being a trade staff
  15. But.. what else would this do besides replacing the pawn?, one power just for this sound lame
  16. Sounds better but, why not on friend list?
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