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  1. Changed Priority to Priority: Normal
  2. This forum section is for reporting bugs only. For new suggestions o improvements, use the following area: https://forum.xat.com/forum/7-suggestions/
  3. Changed Status to Fixed
  4. Junior

    smiley bar

    This issue must have been fixed now. If you happen to reproduce this again, get back to us. Thanks
  5. Junior

    Xavi Power & Avatars

    Changed Status to Fixed Since Xavi has now been implemented this shouldn't be an issue anymore.
  6. Junior

    About the new xavi app

    What do you mean by iris? Xavis are meant to be cartoon characters, so they don't have that level of detail. So, the iris and pupil serve the same purpose, just like the smilies.
  7. Changed Priority to Priority: Trivial We are aware of this. For now, you can only add 128 chars in your name in the HTML5 version. This limit may be increased in a future release.
  8. Junior

    Promotion bug?

    Thanks for the report. We will get back to you once it's fixed.
  9. Thank you for your report! We will look into and get back to you once it's fixed.
  10. Well, assign/unassign will be added on the chat soon. But I don't get why a main owner would want to do that when they can just uncheck it, that would be the same I guess.
  11. Junior

    Macros on HTML??

    For now, Gback and Sanimate. Gback is in Powers settings tab and SAnimate (Animate) in General settings tab
  12. Junior

    pride pawn

    Not at all. We cannot please everyone, sadly, and people are free to buy whatever they want to, so anyone against it can simply skip it, just like botstat.
  13. Junior

    pride pawn

    There could be a LGBTQ or pride power for sure. I'm sure @Cupim will love to be part of it.
  14. Junior

    Macros on HTML??

    Some of the ones you've posted are already implemented as a setting, but yes, the rest will eventually be added as a setting too. You can see your settings by clicking on your name then click settings button.
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