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  1. Due to these kinds of issues, we decided to roll out the beta on /xat before the public release on all chats. For example, we never spotted the link power issues or /o issues before it was released for all... very bad issues for heavily used features. We can't risk releasing versions immediately unless we are confident we are not rolling out critical issues to users. So, we'll sure benefit from this change. If the beta testing goes well with no serious bugs spotted, it will surely roll out on all chats ASAP.
  2. We are aware of this issue and it will be fixed on the upcoming patch release. Thanks
  3. Can you please elaborate about the reasons to remove this just implemented button? I don't see any real reason to remove this. This was added for accessibility reasons. You can still use the old way (navbar) if you liked it better, so I don't see the harm of this but the benefits.
  4. This will be possible in the future. There are also plans to bring back avatars effects also.
  5. Junior

    Reactions Features

    React to your friends’ messages! xat has released a new subscribers feature, which allows you to react to users’ messages. How does it work? To react to a message, you need to hover over it and click the react button. Once you click it, it will display the reactions selector and you will be able to select the smiley you want to react with. Reactions Selector Messages with reaction Who Reacted? The reactions selector also allows you to see in detail who reacted to each message and even tells you how long ago the reaction was done! In order to see the time, you need to hover over the reaction and it will show you it in a tooltip. Reactions Selector - Who Reacted Other Important Info This is a subscriber-only feature, so you should have days to react and see who reacted to others and your messages. Messages can only have up to 7 (different) reactions. You can only react to others’ messages. This means that you can’t react to your own messages. You can only react once per message, if the message was sent in the main tab. This means that you can react as many times as you want in a private chat. If you don’t like this feature, you can disable it by going to your Account Settings > Appearance > Reactions. Keep in mind that, although you will no longer be able to see the reactions anymore, others will still be able to react to your messages. We are happy to announce this and look forward to your feedback!
  6. Yeah, but my account is listed as the second one. Isn’t it supposed to be the first one?
  7. Thank you for reporting. We are aware of this issue, we will be replying back once it's fixed.
  8. Junior

    Games and Gamebans

    Hello, Steven. Thank you for your feedback. We are well aware about the missing Gameban and Gamerace powers and we DO have the intention to create their HTML5 versions (and even new ones). Spaceban was the last game released (a year ago) and then we focused on other stuff as we had 4 games done so far, but we will be making games again soon. (and this time's for real )
  9. This is not a bug, emojis are not supported in the wave effect of Statusfx.
  10. Yeah, but this pop-up player wasn't designed to be used outside of the chatbox, since this is why we have the Media app for. If the size of it is too big and covers important info for you, you can always switch it to play on the Media app, as Kyle suggested.
  11. You can always minimize the video, if shrinking it is not enough for you. (To do so, you need to click twice on the title bar)
  12. Junior

    Badge white pawn

    Can't confirm the bug, I've failed to reproduce it following the steps provided. Edit: @Vevrok managed to reproduce it and the reason was also found out, thanks. We will let you know once it's fixed.
  13. He wants something like Sline but for Gscol. Maybe this could be a new feature for Gback power? @Toby Make sure to Read Before Posting
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