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  1. Junior

    Badge white pawn

    Can't confirm the bug, I've failed to reproduce it following the steps provided. Edit: @Vevrok managed to reproduce it and the reason was also found out, thanks. We will let you know once it's fixed.
  2. He wants something like Sline but for Gscol. Maybe this could be a new feature for Gback power? @Toby Make sure to Read Before Posting
  3. Thank you for reporting. We are aware of this and it'll be fixed soon.
  4. We are extremely happy that you guys liked this power! That would be statusgrad+statuswave. I can't really visualize what you're trying to explain. Maybe some graphic representation might help.
  5. STATUSFX (ID: 623) - EPIC This power allows you to add animated text effects to your status. How does it work? To add effects to your status, you are required to have at least one unit of this power. You need to head over to the settings page > powers section > Statusfx setting. You will be able to choose the effect you want and the speed it will have. You can choose the speed from 1 – 6. How much does it cost? This power costs 5,000 xats per unit. We have 13 effects in total so far, and you w
  6. 😅This was a new change we implemented to reduce lag. For now, animations will only play if you got your mouse over the chat box (just like the banner). There will be an update soon to make this change optional as a setting.
  7. Happy birthday Junior  (hug) 



    1. Junior


      Thank you!! (hug)

  8. Changed Status to Fixed
  9. How would you improve it? I'm sure Mihay will be happy to listen to your suggestion and add it to the power if good enough.
  10. Thank you for your report, we will look into it and let you know once it's fixed. Changed Priority to Priority: High
  11. Thanks for reporting We will let you know once it's fixed
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