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  1. Thank you for the contest, @Crow! I really enjoyed it.
  2. Comet


    It has been reported before. They're not implemented in HTML5 yet.
  3. Since Christmas is gone, this topic has been closed.
  4. Comet

    Toxic Graphics

    Your style is very smooth and amazing. You're very good on what you're doing. I love the pcback you've made for me and my friend. I will definitely come back in the future. Keep up with the good work! (L)
  5. Since Black Friday has passed, this topic is closed and unpinned. I hope everyone enjoyed it and got some nice bots/radio discounts! Thank you!
  6. Hello! I saw this issue a while ago. When the option to store the chatroom messages is enabled, everything you type in the staff pool, would be visible on the main pool, for everyone after signing out and back in. That is a privacy issues for the staff of a certain chatroom if they use to keep staff meeting in chat staff pool or talk sensitive information.
  7. This power is bugged. Although I've assigned four of them on my chat, the animations won't be showing when I promote someone at a higher rank. The other blasts seems to be working perfectly on html, except blastpro. Note that this issues is only manifesting on html.
  8. Last night I saw this bug on a chat and I decided to test it. After I unbanned the user, he did not see himself reversed anymore, except me.
  9. According to wikipedia: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php/Bump Apparently, none of those conditions are applying on html5. The bump will also work if somebody with lower rank than yours bumps you, as well as if the user is not in your friend list
  10. Happy Birthday @Comet(applause)

  11. celebrate happy birthday GIF by Nora Simon



  12. Happy birthday Comat (hug) 



  13. Exin

    Happy Birthday GIF bro 


  14. Toby

    LA MULTI ANI !!!

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