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  1. I totally agree with Samuel's suggestion. I think it would be good if xat Bot Companies would appear in the official xat chat's page. As long as these bots providers are classified and recognised by xat as trusted, I don't see why their places wouldn't be there.
  2. I've been in the ARCbots team for almost two years and I'm happy to work with such a great team. We love to help everyone and show patience. That's why I love ARCbots the most, because of staff's patience with every customer. We're dedicated and assigned to what we do. Its some kind of job you are doing by pleasure, not obligation.
  3. Win Yoga Power

    Comet (1459725718)

    Comet (1459725718)
  5. pawn dark

    Perpetuating this same idea that has been clarified, blackpawn available for members doesn't seem correct. Those users deserving of such devices are admins only.
  6. OCTO - #3 WINNERS

    Comet (1459725718)
  7. WIN 666 XATS (6 WINNERS)

    Comet (1459725718) http://prntscr.com/gvod3w
  8. Contest #07: Win the MOM power!

    Comet (1459725718)
  9. Suggesting new forum colors

    It seems to be feasible, probably favor and encourage the use of the forum due to the flashy colors (not that this is a problem factor) but any novelty is profitable.
  10. Free Bgs for official chat's?

    This idea about official chats needing free backgrounds is valid, it's a way to contribute. +1 YES
  11. 20. How many group powers are there in total? > 52 Comet (1459725718)

    Comet (1459725718)
  13. WIN FIREFX (2)

    Comet (1459725718)
  14. Happy birthday! :p