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  1. Region locking, although helpful, is not as reliable as 2FA. Someone in your area, or with your ISP, could still breach past this, and most users probably do not have a static IP address (it generally costs more for this feature). Some ISPs give you one without choice, but that's a small handful. As for Google Authenticator, unless you're talking about a TOTP code generator app, I'm not sure about that as I do not have mine linked to a gmail. If it's something with the "is this you trying to login" popup on your phone, then that works. If it's the TOTP generator, that's not what I mean, u
  2. Hello, I would like to see some additional 2FA methods deployed on xat, if possible. Security keys - Users would need to purchase/manage themselves, but easy to use. They can be shared across accounts easily, used on xat, xat forums, and even used on other sites/services, such as Google accounts. Multiple keys can be added to the same account. So in case you lose one, you should have a backup somewhere else. See: Yubico for an example (currently $20-$70 USD each). Duo Security - This is charged on a "per user" fee, however you are able to create up to 10 users (for a s
  3. Dubz

    Busy power

    Yellow is more of an idle/away, whereas red is more of a "Do not disturb". Maybe away should've been the yellow one and this would be the red. Although you aren't telling someone to not disturb you by stating you're busy, it would be telling xat to not disturb you with sounds and whatnot.
  4. Users still hide in specific chats, they just don't use the promotion setup anymore. The price was cut in half from what it used to be, yet the number of chat that promote is not what it used to be. I remember a few years ago there would be 4-5 promoted chats every weekend night, and it was a competition for who could be the most popular. Now it's more of a crave for who has control over who. Bottom line, it seems users are just finding places to stay with others and don't care to visit the promoted chats as often. They're usually troll chats, inactive, too strict, too annoying, or the wrong l
  5. Lets not forget as well that grey is taken for users you put on ignore, in addition to it looking rather bland. Perhaps yellow would be better, since it's not used by anything (apart from ruby). It's also one of xat's two main colors (yellow and blue), so I'm rather surprised it isn't used yet. As for the rocket, it's a neat idea but why do we need to make more animated effects? Aren't the *fx powers along with namewave and the others already slowing down flash enough when everyone in the chat is using them? Not everybody has a high end computer to use xat with all the animations.
  6. Dubz


    That would just ruin this power then, and those chats with gsound would definitely abuse that as well. Perhaps allowing user's to disable it at specific chats would work, but otherwise it ultimately should be the client's decision, not the chat's. After all, there's other ways to block gsound in general. Disabling chat sounds (which I would rather not), redirecting the audio file requested back to the original, clients that some users are utilizing now, etc.
  7. Dubz


    Rename "Tab" to "PCs" and "Custom" to "Kisses" or something of the sort and it'd be good. An additional benefit would be being able to modify which PCs would send sound, such as friends vs everyone, or certain specific friends.
  8. Dubz


    Simple. It's what gcontrol does, but you set your own sounds and it overrides the group sound (even their gcontrol). Now we can finally put an end to the annoying gsounds some chats set it to. I don't need to hear a firetruck every time someone sends a message, or a machine gun firing when someone enters the chat. They get obnoxious and ruin chat experiences. For those who will complain that I can "just turn the sound off", no thank you. I do not want to turn it off, otherwise I wouldn't be complaining in the first place about the gsound power. If you want sugges
  9. Dubz

    Sproof Power

    Sounds like you're asking for false scam/abuse reports to be made by everyone.
  10. Dubz

    Busy power

    Seems actually useful. Perhaps it could work alongside (away) in some regard, whether it be a red clock (vs blue) or a blue DND sign. Regardless, I find it to be a good idea for everyone to have. It would make things easier than changing the status (who changes their status that often, come on now) and still get the point across quickly. One additional feature I'd enjoy is to toggle it on all chats you're in at once, or just the chat you're at. For instance, maybe I'd want to be busy in all chats except one, or only one specific chat.
  11. Dubz

    xat Tools

    I've tried doing that already and place them in separate columns as it is now, then subcategorized them under the header blocks. I might just widen it all and split them into groups based on the columns now.
  12. Dubz

    xat Tools

    That was one thought I had, I also thought about collapsible sections (ex. http://materializecss.com/collapsible.html). I might mix them together too, but my only concern is users getting lost trying to find a setting. That's why I just kept it on one view so you could use your browser's search to look for it quicker. Worst case scenario I make them all expandable so you can expand all of them then still use that.
  13. Dubz

    xat Tools

    I highly agree, the setting page is a hot mess and needs an extreme redo. Unfortunately, design is not my forte when it comes to this sort of thing, so it might be a minute before that's actually done. As for the notes, it would be convenient to have something for this sort of thing. I'll add it to the list for an idea and when I find the best way to do it I'll look into adding it. Thanks for cleaning up the thread Junior, it was getting a bit out of hand. I appreciate the support for it as well!
  14. I'm attempting to start this thread again, hopefully it won't be deleted for no reason though. I had one a long time ago but it was randomly removed and I never found out why. Anyways, for those of you who aren't currently aware of the browser extension I made for xat, it's a very interesting and (usually) convenient item to have for those of you who are on xat more constantly than others (and if you're on the forum, it probably includes you). I've created this (and published it) in Google Chrome and I'm looking to get it on a few other browsers as well (such as FireFox and Opera).
  15. var is_lucky = true; function get_luck() { return (is_lucky ? 'good' : 'bad'); } var luck = get_luck(); document.write(luck + ' luck!');
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