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  1. Hi I send a ticket but he shows me this .. says my account is not blocked and I have not held Your account is not held/blocked.
  2. Hi the same problem I can not be promoted chat.. no it's not a new chat..this chat is several years old System error 31
  3. Hi I sent a ticket and this is written to me
  4. Hi all can anyone explain to me why i can't promote my chat ? System error 31
  5. enoeno

    ip baned

    thanks Stif ewerthing is ok ... good services ty
  6. enoeno

    ip baned

    i can't edit xat grups ip address banned or i don't know what it is can you help me thanks!!!
  7. Hi why are my players all rejected..these players are reupload..because of rtmp that doesn't work..so i changed..rtmp and sent reupload http://prntscr.com/qbasnl
  8. http://prntscr.com/pv4j82 translate >>>>> xats reserve limit exceeded (decrease trade value by 600 xats http://prntscr.com/pv4kow
  9. I have a blockage on transfer and trade can you help me thanks supermen234 (1534621095)
  10. hi so don't approve me player when one approve other no but player is the same what's the problem ?? http://prntscr.com/p6x20u
  11. html player is not a problem ,,, problem is not allowed on xatRadio.com... for me is a better html than swf flash ... flash swf is hard for site one example
  12. enoeno

    player swf

    It's not a mistake but somebody [f-word removed] .. this is not first time,, thank you for the answer
  13. enoeno

    player swf

    hi do not understand why xatradio.com does not allow players swf .. any one can explain to me the player is not locked all ok but they do not allow .. do i need to pay to allow? .. i do not understand two times I waited for 3 days to allow and finally do not allow thanks
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