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  1. Happy Birthday  :p

  2. Happy Birthday  (hug)

  3. Happy Birthday (hug)

  4. ib2k

    Happy Birthday

  5. ib2k

    Happy Birthday

  6. Hello testing the new version of HTML5 I noticed that the main fund is going to the subfund. I do not know if they have posted anything informing about this here.
  7. ib2k


    Congrats guys @Samuel @o01pewz10o
  8. idea for new hats, for Christmas and powers that already exist. I hope you like something
  9. inner: out: https://i.imgur.com/KiFR1dr.png https://i.imgur.com/WbGNMni.png Button color: #001A66 Bruu(1001300)
  10. (victory) Thanks god for more one year.

  11. ib2k

    Happy Birthday! 

  12. It makes sense to be added to (hats) thanks for commenting on your opinion Samu <3
  13. thank for opinion , yeah many hats can be added
  14. Thanks for all opinions (c)
  15. Yes, I liked the idea. That would be kind of innovative.
  16. that's a great idea, put a command to change the line to 90 °, 80 °. Would be great
  17. @Damien ty for ur opinion bro (c) @6 Great idea, I'll be doing and replanting here. ty for opinion
  18. Hello, I bring to you today an idea for a future pin, which should be called (glowpawn) What is this power based on? It is a power that would allow the user to add an extra color around their pin and have an effect line passing inside it. I've done some examples with all the current pins for everyone to have an idea. I think just like blueman or pink, he would not have smilies at first. (everygpawn) (rubygpawn) (goldgpawn) (purplegpawn) (pinkgpawn) (bluemang
  19. Good idea, xat needs more interaction.
  20. Thanks for all opinion , I'll be reviewing the ideas and who knows in the future something better. Remembering that I am not a smilie creator, this is just a shame for the creators.
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