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  1. Mind if I start a Word game?

  2. Happy Birthday to me!

    1. Leandro


      Happy Birthday!

    2. Maxo


      happy birthday jessibe

    3. Bau


      Again :o Happy birthday!

  3. What are the warning points for users anyway?

    1. Brandon


      Warning points are to keep track of how many infractions you have. After a set amount of infraction points are earned, automatic restrictions are placed on your account. Warning points expire over time.

    2. Ereshkigal
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! (hug)

    1. Junior


      Thank you!!(hug)

  5. Hi Everyone! How are you guys today?

    1. Mystic



      I am doing good. How are you?

  6. I'm back everyone!

  7. I'm ready for new years!

  8. Sorry about A reply on an old post I didn't know it was a 90 day or more post.

  9. Happy Birthday!

  10. Anyone wanna chat?

  11. (hug) Hugs for everyone!!!

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