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  1. Anyone agree having a hangman game on xat?
  2. Can there possibly be a hangman game power? This is what I am suggesting.
  3. Should xat make more game powers?
  4. (hug) Hugs for everyone!!!

  5. RULES: Name Animals with each of the Alphabet in their names. Try to get to the letter Z!!
  6. A Fish power would be really neat.
  7. Anyone wanna chat?

  8. So what do you think about them? I think they are cute!!!
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! (hug)

    1. Junior


      Thank you!!(hug)

  10. Whats your favorite song? Mine is Closer by the Chainsmokers.
  11. Sorry about A reply on an old post I didn't know it was a 90 day or more post.

  12. I'm ready for new years!

  13. Ok In my opinion the xat site looks AMAZING. But what do you think about the site?
  14. I remember having avatar number 140 when I 1st joined xat way back in 2013.
  15. I hope my suggestion becomes a real xat power!!! Pizza power
  16. NEW RULE:You can now Look up the answer. Question 2: How much venom can the Black Widow Spider Inject?
  17. Alright! It's now time for a Trivia game! I will ask questions via the replies and you have to guess the answer! Number one RULE:Do NOT look up the answer! Whoever Answers the most questions wins! Question 1: Which NHL team has the most Stanley cups?
  18. It really would be cool and cute.
  19. jessibe1

    Pie Power

    Wouldn't be cool if there was a pie power? Like a Pie with a cute face?
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