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  1. Did anyone remember when xat did a prank to give us cyan pawns?
  2. Does it take a lot of work to design Smileys for xat?
  3. What would you do if you had a million dollars
  4. What are the warning points for users anyway?

    1. Brandon


      Warning points are to keep track of how many infractions you have. After a set amount of infraction points are earned, automatic restrictions are placed on your account. Warning points expire over time.

    2. Ereshkigal
  5. Mind if I start a Word game?

  6. Who wants to chat with me for a bit? Anyone?
  7. I could say we cant start fires
  8. What if the world was made out of paper?
  9. Toucan play that game. Wanna go on a picnic? Alpaca lunch!
  10. Whats your best animal pun?
  11. Would a Kangaroo animal Power be a good idea?
  12. I love ALL kinds of Cookies and Cakes. I'm also a baker
  13. Wanna know what My favorite dessert is?
  14. I will speak Spanish for a day now.
  15. How about replies then? 100 REPLIES that's all
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