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  1. What is your favorite xat power? Mine is Reghide and dunce powers.
  2. How's everyone been today?

  3. I'm so ready for summer...

  4. Who is your favorite mario character? Mine is Yoshi.
  5. Woah It's been a long time since I was on here.

    1. DUYGU


      Welcome back (hug)  jessibe1

  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. I only come on xat to say a quick hello and talk for a bit.
  8. I'd Like X and Y and Yes I did have both versions I love it because It was the very 1st Pokémon main game to be in 3d graphics.
  9. Anyone here have a Favorite Pokémon game? Mine is X and Y.
  10. I don't remember any cartoons that Drove my parents insane. But I could tell you that they never liked spongebob.
  11. What do you guys like to do when your at the beach? Me. I like swimming in the water.
  12. Happy Birthday to me!

    1. Leandro


      Happy Birthday!

    2. Maxo


      happy birthday jessibe

    3. Bau


      Again :o Happy birthday!

  13. Hi Everyone! How are you guys today?

    1. Mystic



      I am doing good. How are you?

  14. Hey Everyone. Long time no see! So What is your favorite city that you have visited in the past?
  15. I'm back everyone!

  16. Ive had this username JessibeTheTiger For 2 years now
  17. I Don't have the Screenshot software But I see No chat box on the chats I go on.
  18. When I got on to xat. I could not see the chat box. How can I fix this?
  19. I vote for November 2015 because It was xat's worst Nightmare yet. And 2 chats were stuck on Promo.
  20. So, What is your Number 1 Thanksgiving food? Mine is Ham.
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