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    A 'wonders' power was suggested in the past, but it was a '7 Wonders of the Ancient World', whereas yours is a '7 Wonders of the Modern World', so those two topics should be okay to co-exist.


    There might be an overlap with the 'Landmark' suggestion, however, but your idea has an actual theme whereas the below is just any famous landmark, whether they're considered a wonder or not. (hmm) I'm in two minds about that one.



  2. If you don't remember the email address or if you lost access to it, create a ticket in the Lost Access department using a different account.


    If you do remember the email address and still have access to it, follow Solange's steps.

  3. The question or questions in this topic have been answered and an answer has been marked. This topic is now closed.


    If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.

  4. I'm in favor of reducing spammers, bots and trolls, but this idea is too risky, in my opinion.


    There'll be too many users not willing to pay. Even if they are, they might be too young or not able to afford it. 


    And if their friends aren't willing to buy a subscription, they might not bother either - they'll jump over to a different platform.

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  5. A pergunta ou as perguntas neste tópico foram respondidas e uma resposta foi marcada. Este tópico está encerrado.
    Se você tiver quaisquer outras perguntas, por favor, abra um novo tópico.

  6. Maybe this power will promote awareness of first aid. It's an important skill to have in real life (so I hear!)


    We could also have an ambulance kiss with a loud siren noise. It'll be the 2019 version of the shark/hippo kiss! (hippo)

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  7. I hope we can change the color of the vehicles to match our names too!


    Perhaps there could be a hug animation set on a construction site whereby the user's avatar gets run over by a steamroller and squashed like a pancake (Tom and Jerry style), then the message appears. Or the crane drops a container onto the user's avatar and the message appears.

  8. Be positive!


    In the 2020s we'll have more features and customization options, more suggestions implemented, more exciting powers, more improvements across the website/wiki/forums, and HTML5 chats will be more advanced.


    There'll always be doom-mongers, as there always have been, but personally I'm optimistic. There are very good people on xat working hard towards the same cause - and they're not going to stop.


    That's my opinion. (cute)

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  9. What would you recommend for users who complete the quiz but aren't receiving tickle?


    There's one user who's done the quiz twice and they've been re-directed, but they're not receiving anything afterwards. They're not using an incognito browser or web proxy or anything like that (if that would affect it). It's not working on their other account either. Is there something else that could stop (tickle) from triggering?

  10. The recent Tshirt power is centered around sports. What about a new clothes power (in the same style as Tshirt) to celebrate other occasions?


    I know we have an Accessory power, but this isn't in the same style as Tshirt.


    Rather than releasing seven individual powers, perhaps there could be one power with 50+ smilies (like Anime but more). I can only dream! Or group a couple of celebrations into one power, e.g. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas together, St. Patrick's Day and Easter together, animal and food together, etc.


    Some of these may be costumes and suits, but it's possible for them to be regular T-shirt designs too.

    • Christmas: Santa suit, elf, snowman, grinch and angel costumes. Polar bear, penguin, gingerbread man, reindeer and Christmas tree T-shirts. Also, a Christmas jumper.
    • Halloween: Dracula, werewolf, ghost, devil, witch, mummy and skeleton costumes. Frankenstein, pumpkin, candy and grim reaper T-shirts.
    • Easter: Bunny costumes with fur texture. You can change the color of each costume, e.g. pink bunnies, blue bunnies, green bunnies. Also, egg, chick and bunny T-shirts.
    • Thanksgiving: Turkey costume that could burst into flames and turn into a cooked turkey. As well as a regular turkey costume and T-shirt.
    • Animal: A celebration of the animal powers that we all love. Take your pick: pig, giraffe, elephant, dog, cat. These could be costumes or T-shirt designs.
    • Food: These would likely be T-shirt designs rather than costumes, although a cupcake costume would be cute.
    • St. Patrick's Day: Leprechaun costume. Also, leprechaun, gold pot, rainbow, beer and four-leaf clover T-shirts.

    Let me know what you think! Apologies if this has been suggested before - I'll merge the topic if so.


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  11. Since there has been no activity for four or more weeks, this topic has been closed.


    If you believe this was done in error, please contact a moderator or volunteer to have the topic opened. You can also report this post to notify a moderator that you want it opened.

  12. 2 hours ago, jessibe1 said:

    Anyone here have a Favorite Pokémon game? Mine is X and Y.


    What do you like about X and Y? Did you have both versions?


    Mine is probably Pokemon Silver because I have the best memories of playing it at my grandparents' house back in 2002. Two regions to visit as well!

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