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  1. The costume contest is underway on Feedback chat, if you wish to participate! Wear a spooky avatar/name/pawn and you could win xats!

    1. Anas


      And i was wonder why Feedback full xd.


      Good luck!

    2. Crow


      We're also on chat promotion with banner ads running and 4444 (supporter) powers assigned!


      And this isn't even our final form (sman). Halloween hype!

  2. Happy Birthday and all the best! (cute)

    1. Blacky


      Thank you, Crow!

  3. Happy Birthday and all the best for another year! 8-)

    1. LaFleur


      Thanks Sir Crow!! 8-)

  4. Crow

    Happy Birthday! (applause)Did you get any nice gifts?

    1. Echo


      Thank you, no gifts but a little bit of money. :)

  5. Happy Birthday! (applause)

  6. Crow

    Happy Birthday and all the best for another year!



    1. Sydno


      Nice cake! Thank you very much, Crow!

  7. Any Pokemon Go players still out there?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Sydno


      Im often playing. I have 0 friend tho :(

    3. Crow


      PM me with your friend code if you want to exchange gifts! (victory)

    4. 6


      Yeah here lol but meh when some towns doesnt have a good signal (annoyed)

  8. Crow

    Happy Birthday man! All the best for another year! (victory)

  9. Happy Birthday Dimple! (hug) All the best!

    1. Dimple


      @Crow thank u so much😘

  10. Crow

    Happy Birthday, Stifler! All the best for another year! (hug) What presents did you get?

    1. Stif


      Thank you, Crow! Nothing so far. :$ 

  11. Crow

    Happy Birthday Kyle! How much booze will you be drinking tonight? (smirk)

    1. Kyle


      I’m moving into a new house today so probably not too much


      probably (sman)

  12. Happy Birthday + best wishes for another year!GetStrip5.php?c=S_pty_18_18_c.png

    1. Daniel


      Thank you Crow. Best wishes to you too.GetStrip5.php?c=S_pty_18_18_c.png 

    2. Madison


      Happy birthday from me as well, Daniel. Hope you have a great day! c:

  13. Is anyone else unable to post on the mobile version of the forums? It says I've been blocked by Cloudflare.

    1. LaFleur




      It's extremely slow, both in mobile and desktop, but i can post.


      I got that cloudflare message on the desktop version (retry live version one)

    2. xLaming


      Its now ok here, before cloudflare said that forums got off.

    3. Crow


      Seems to be working okay now. Thanks guys!

  14. Time to put the Christmas decorations up? GetStrip5.php?c=S_snta_18_18_c.png

    1. 6


      No, pumpkins and candies comes first! Happy trick or treating! direct

    2. CarlosDesigns


      No, we barely have any time for the new year rituals!

  15. Happy birthday Tink! All the best for another year! GetStrip5.php?c=S_a_18_18_c.png


    Did you get any gifts?

    1. TinkerDoodle


      Thank you Crow! 


      A few family members took me to Hershey PA and we got to see how the chocolate is made and got to make my own chocolate etc. One of the best birthday presents I've gotten yet!

  16. Stop flooding status messages please. One is enough, let alone fifteen.

    1. Kyle104


      im sorry crow. i wont do it again

  17. Happy birthday Chelly!! :B I thought Meow was playing a prank (d)


    What gifts did you get?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Crow


      Ooh, what games? =o

    3. Nezuko


      what KIND of games? 

    4. Chelly


      One of the games was League of Legends, got two skins for champions in that game. 

  18. Anyone want to play Pokemon Showdown? Any format

  19. Happy birthday! 36hli.gif

  20. Crow

    Happy birthday Anar! Best wishes for another year!x0vcdc.gif

    1. Anar


      Thank you very much Crow! 

  21. One year anniversary for the new forums yet?

    1. Sydno


      Yes, already!

  22. New forum editing system? =o

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    2. Exuby


      @Brandon Do you know why it was needed?

    3. Brandon


      You never know when someone's going to edit something they shouldn't.

    4. Exuby


      Oh, I see what you're talking about.

  23. Loving the logo change on the forum, haha!

  24. I'm looking for inner and outer chat backgrounds, if anyone makes please :$

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Crow


      Should I? With what prizes? =P

    3. 6


      free hugs and kisses prize



      of course xats or powers :p

      but there's not much users that enters bg contests 

    4. Crow


      I'll make one anyway! Thanks for the idea! =)

  25. New xatspace is up! Very basic design. xat.me/four. Check it out if you get time! Thanks!!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Crow


      Thanks!! And @Elie I'm very meticulous about keeping records, haha. I figured if I'm going to spend hundreds of $ on something, I'll keep it well-documented, just in case I ever need to answer security questions!


      I actually wonder how many of those IDs are held because of the recent accident thingy. x_x

    3. 6


      simply listed them*

      The 4's IDs and the sum ammount of xats being spent are eye catching :o

    4. Crow


      Oh, and in terms of how much I paid, I can still remember most of the deals! I think I only had to ask 2 people for reminders. =P

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