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  1. It's become a farce, really. It's just a popularity contest. Likes should be based on the quality of posts, not who wrote them. Sometimes I wish I had more friends. Hopefully some of these suggestions can help, though.
  2. Crow

    This or That ???

    Right. Cheese or ham?
  3. Crow


    Adding another perspective is never a waste of time. Presumably that's why people read these threads, otherwise they'd all be empty. =P Regardless of whether or not chatting is only an add-on (though this is very debatable for MSN), posting comments and chatting is 95% of what I and a lot of other people do (those who aren't taking selfies every 10 minutes, anyway). It's my opinion that the 'offline' option would be beneficial despite how big the chatting side of the service is. Again, this will be debated. These providers, MSN, Xaters, Skype, etc., clearly think the 'offline' option is beneficial to have on their chat and website as a whole. And these are MASSIVE services, so they know what they're doing. Fair enough if different rules apply to Xat - I won't contest that. But would the same users that have the offline box frequently ticked on MSN, Xaters, Skype, etc. also have this offline box ticked on Xat? I think potentially they would, because they know the benefits of it. I've already addressed this in my original post. 1) The negative stigma that comes from sitting online a lot; 2) It's nice to watch the chat peacefully without getting potentially time-consuming / distracting private messages from friends. Yes, you could say 'don't come online', but sometimes I and many others enjoy chatting peacefully, away from the everyday commotion. It fills that void of loneliness - having that social interaction, of not being completely alone, but while still remaining uncommitted. My example is if I have hours of work to do. The 'offline mode' allows you to observe things without engaging in distracting conversations. Yes, you could say 'Don't come online, just do the work', but again, it fills that void of feeling alone and isolated. It takes the edge off. Here's another example: imagine if you're watching a movie, but don't want friends private messaging you. You could say 'Don't come online, just watch the movie', but again, it makes you feel like you're not alone. Why do people go on Xat? Not only to talk to friends, but also for social interaction. 'Offline mode' allows its users to do this in peace. Let's get this straight. There IS a valid reason to add the 'offline' mode to Xat. Let's not dismiss this as a nonsensical waste of time, because that would be wrong, The question is whether or not it'd be a good decision, and whether or not it would improve Xat. If not, fair enough, but it's something worth debating.
  4. These are my favourite anime openings (from what I remember). They're just catchy! [Spoilers] Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood - Opening 4: [Spoilers] Naruto Shippuden - Opening 6: Alternatively, most of the Bruce Faulconer DBZ soundtracks, notably 'Gohan Powers Up' and 'SSJ3 Power Up'.
  5. Crow


    I really like this idea, for the reasons you mentioned. I have the 'offline' option enabled on all of these services, and genuinely think it improves the experience. Firstly, it avoids the ridicule of "You're ALWAYS online, you're really sad and you have no life", which is a game changer for me. It sounds silly, but if you see someone who is ALWAYS online, you're going to make judgements about their lives, and their life choices, whether consciously doing it or not. This is the reason I only come online a few hours a day, if at all. Secondly, it's nice to just chill out and observe sometimes, without being involved and bombarded with private chats. As a student who spends almost all of his day working and studying in complete isolation, which is lonely as hell, it's nice to leave a chat open sometimes without being completely distracted. It makes it seem like I'm still connected to the real world. Yes, arguably you could make another account if you wanted to do that, but then you'd lose the prestige of your main account, and however much you paid for it. Also, people might start asking "Why aren't you on your main ID?", and then you'd have to take the time to explain / justify yourself, and then they'd have to add you on multiple accounts, clogging up their friends list, and they'd obviously know you're trying to stay undercover / potentially avoiding people, which can be demeaning. You can obviously dispute these points, and please do, but these are my beliefs, having been on-and-off Xat since 2007. In summary, other similar services have the 'offline mode' for a reason. It improves the service, and users obviously enjoy it, otherwise they wouldn't have it. Ultimately, if the 'offline mode' was a thing, there's no doubt I'd be on Xat MUCH more often, as I am sure many other people would. Good suggestion, Ilustre.
  6. I find status quotes a bit cringey , but probably 'Lv.100' was the last one I had (Pokémon reference).
  7. The ability to control a Lv.100 Mewtwo without any badges would be a superpower in itself!
  8. Apologies if this opinion sounds crass and narrow-minded, but I couldn't care less if the company is losing money - adverts are ANNOYING AS HELL, and, if given the choice, I'd disable them 1000/1000 times. I've NEVER wanted to buy anything being thrown in my face. If anything, I'd probably want to buy the product less just to spite them. Fair enough if the adverts are 5 seconds long with the option to skip, but otherwise it's 30 seconds+ of my life wasted. Adblock for life. The only exception I'd make is the Xat banner with the power release times on it, but I wouldn't treat that as a typical advertisement. What do others think?
  9. Has to be Christmas. They were really magical as a kid, in the early-mid 2000s. That feeling of excitement and elation on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning is unrivaled. If they could bottle that feeling, I’d be high on it every day. Everything was always so festive and glittery: the Christmas tree, the list to Santa, the advent calendar with the small chocolates, the cards, the decorations, the presents, the songs, the movies, and sometimes even snow (unless you’re English, of course)!
  10. Gotta make sure everyone knows, so you can reap those sweet, sweet gifts!
  11. Crow

    This or That ???

    Car, because trucks are too big and are melting the polar ice caps. Freeze or burn?
  12. A nice little anime/kitsune chat called The_Fridge. It's lovely and friendly, everyone speaks the same language, and we always have great, intelligent discussions. Also, there's no mini-modding, sucking up to ranks, fake girls, trolls, beggars, attention seekers, dumb or greedy people, smart asses, know-it-alls, etc. Nobody really cares about powers and screwing each other over for the sake of $1 either, and I would recommend it to anyone.
  13. That escalated quickly xP
  14. Loud, smelly people on public transport, for me. Of course, they always sit on the seat directly behind, breathing down my neck. Oh, and missing power releases.
  15. Can be old, new, expensive, or free! I have a book signed by the Irish author Darren Shan, whom I met in 2007. Doesn't really amount to much, though.
  16. Seven didn't eat Nine. Five did.
  17. Crow

    fire Dragon

    Are we going for a cute dragon, or badass dragon? In that case, Charizard > Charmander. Lovely idea though.
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