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  1. Keep this as a trump card for if the website ever starts failing. Always leave the people wanting more!
  2. Crow

    Famous Names

    William Shatner (58)
  3. Crow

    Famous Names

    Michelle Obama (57)
  4. Crow

    Famous Names

    Christopher Lee (56). His legacy lives on... through this forum game.
  5. At least the camera is actually moving and stuff, and it's not just a still image, haha. Now that would be boring. It's kinda scary too - something that colossal just disappearing under the water, in the middle of ocean. Dark, lonely... slowly sinking into the depths. Who knows what creatures lurk beneath. And don't you just love the sound of groaning metal? Watch the last 3 minutes, if nothing else.
  6. Same. We prefer to just stand in the corner awkwardly. Otherwise, it's the hula!
  7. Amen to this. We're missing crocodiles, dinosaurs, zebras, goats, seals and probably a million other animals too. At least smiley makers can never run out of ideas, since there are 8.7 million known animal species (source: BBC News). =) Swamp hippo agrees with this suggestion!
  8. Crow

    Foxred Power

    It's obviously copied, but there are some genuinely good faces here: the noodle eat, the arms waving, the rocket launcher. I can imagine using that last one on a few people. It's a cute power! How about firefox smiley too? =P
  9. Emos of xat rejoice! Next month is Friday the 13th too - a good excuse to make an evil power! Can we get some proper blood splattering effects with this smiley, please? The other one looks dated. Maybe we can sacrifice that goat power suggested the other week.
  10. Yes please! I'm always switching my chrome tabs / taskbar icons around, and this could be useful too. You could bring your important or more active conversations closer to the periphery, so they don't get lost in the middle (when you have lots open)! Or you could put two people side by side for easy switching. =) Edit: So, all of the people saying 'no' would never use this feature if it were implemented?
  11. Needs to look more horse-like. Perhaps give it a longer face, like Lemona's . But it's a nice effort!
  12. Crow

    Famous Names

    Michael Jackson (55)
  13. That day is the 29th February. I wish for the xat IDs 444444, 4444444 and 4B!
  14. Crow

    Famous Names

    Chuck Norris (53) He'd win this game with only 1 post
  15. Crow


    Maybe we can get a wobble effect too! =P Like (smirk#wobble)
  16. Would like to visit Spain, maybe chill out on the beach and buy some counterfeit pokemon games from the supermarket.
  17. Crow

    Famous Names

    Graham Norton (52)
  18. Crow

    Famous Names

    Mads Mikkelsen (51)
  19. Crow

    Famous Names

    Holly Valance (50)
  20. Crow

    Famous Names

    Denzel Washington (49) Incidentally, that's the same name I gave to my washing machine ^-^
  21. The sundae is served in a dirty glass I wish for infinite xats.
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