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  1. Crow

    Pauction ??

    Power auctions are kinda boring. Take the shortnames of torched IDs - like Fear, Hate and Demon - with deleted xatspaces, and put those up in auction instead. They've been naughty boys and don't deserve their names anyway.
  2. It reminds me a bit of the green bomberman, for some reason. I personally love it, and I'm sure it would explode in popularity too!
  3. We need a theme song too!
  4. Thanks for adding the dinosaurs in! =) How about the cockroaches too, although I got a somewhat mixed response...
  5. Kidz Bop 31. Sung by kids for kids! Available now!
  6. I'm in agreement with Marya. I stopped using status because it didn't match the name perfectly any more. It still looks good, it's just not perfect, and it drives me nuts when something isn't exactly right. I hope it'll be made sometime! =)
  7. The Euro 2016 contest should be a good one @LaFleur. 24 teams - hopefully most people will be assigned one! (Pray you're given France/Germany!)
  8. Real Madrid for the Champions League and La Liga double? No doubt we'll be getting a football power in 4 weeks anyway, but I'll always support more! As long as they're legal, that is!
  9. Amazon prime free trial for students too! Free one-day delivery for six months! ... wait, what the... "Note: At the end of a free trial period, you'll be automatically converted to a paid annual membership for £79." WOW. It's no wonder that free trial seemed to last forever ... I just found out Amazon has been taking money from my account!! . I paid £39 in March?! Good job I bloody checked, thanks Mence!!!!
  10. Do I choose something I'm good at, or something I WANT to be good at?

    1. Crow


      Yeah, university module choices.. (hmm) If I mess this choice up, my whole career is flushed down the toilet. But thank you Sid!

    2. Ryan


      Neither. Choose something you enjoy doing, whether you're good at it or not. Nobody wants a boring career, do something that will make you happy and will make you enjoy going to work. 

    3. Crow


      In that case, I'd probably get more satisfaction out of succeeding with the 2nd choice. Thanks Ryan! :d

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  11. Thank you both! Time to sex up my chat!
  12. God those smilies are terrible. I'd be happy with a green snake, perhaps to celebrate World Snake Day on July 16th!
  13. I'd be more interested in testing group powers like blastde, blastban and horror, for example. "Two Blastde powers assigned unlock a second animation, four unlock a third, and eight unlock a fourth." --xat Wiki For a power that costs 2500-2800 xats fairtrade value, it's expensive to purchase all eight blastdes without seeing their animations beforehand. And the bot can't test them either. [If there is a way to see the animations, please let me know - it would help me a lot.] =)
  14. "Unicorns are real - they're just fat, grey and called rhinos."

    1. Sydno


      No, mine, called Bernardo, is neither fat nor grey! My unicorn is purple and has almost 2 years :(

    2. Crow


      (smirk) does Bernardo have temper issues?

    3. Sydno


      He had some when he discovered purple was considered a girl colour... But he overcame it, that's only a colour and now his friends accept him, even if he looks like a female unicorn!

  15. Getting stuck under a frozen lake is another one... unable to surface.
  16. Crow

    Famous Names

    If anyone had to win, I'm glad it's lemona at least. I'm fine with these results. =)
  17. The (away) power is fine, but it doesn't communicate why you're away, when you're going to get back, etc. (and don't tell me you could write that information in your name/status, because by that logic, you could just write 'away' in your name/status instead). A timestamp would be useful too, as other people have suggested over the years (i.e. the amount of time passed since the message was set). I think a little message could be useful for some people. And I'm not a fan of doing things the hard way @Stah's reply.
  18. It's a lovely idea! Let's spread it around! However, smiley makers have just made @ider's mother's day power, so we might have to wait a few years for the next suggestion to be made .
  19. Savage.. According to this, at a given spot in an urban area, you would be at most 164ft (50m) away from a rat. So, they're kind of close!
  20. If xat users were to have a civil war (Avengers style) who would you want on your team? Except 42, because that's cheating.

    1. Crow


      People are always arguing about something on these forums, Sydno :p - that shouldn't be a problem. I.e. renaming volunteers to 'ticket volunteers'; old smilies vs. new smilies; animal powers vs. no animal powers; having trade logs vs. no trade logs. But that idea is pretty good!


      Not sure on the size of the team either. :$ But maybe: a volunteer, a coder, an exploiter, a smiley maker, a bi/multilingual person, a wealthy person, a graphic designer, a blog writer/editor, an intelligent person/strategist, an attractive person, a charismatic person, an influential person from the past (maybe an old helper/volunteer), and, finally, a bot owner (unless they've formed their own army, like Jedi). Oh and some random person can just tag along (to represent the wider community). And it needs someone to lead them. These numbers may vary, and the team can have several of each person. Also, the opposing team will be just as strong.


      Is this team too big? :$ Did I miss anyone?

    2. Christina


      Your team is good.  Perhaps a good phisher. ;)  White knight of course.  LOL

    3. James


      Ducks, lots of ducks. No one hates ducks. 

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  21. If your name was Admin, every man and his dog would be replying to this thread. And you'd have +5 reputation. Here's another fact: the tallest confirmed person on Earth ever is Robert Wadlow (February 22, 1918 – July 15, 1940), an American who measured 8 ft.11.1 inches before dying at the age of 22. Source.
  22. Is this the first time in xat history that an actual suggestion has been made? (If not, it probably only happens once a year). Congratulations though!
  23. Just pretend you're talking to a dude (it probably is anyway, if it's online ).
  24. Paperclip for epic?
  25. What's for lunch?1z2iqfq.gif

    1. choco


      Except that onion

    2. Crow


      You don't like onions on your hotdogs? :o Would you like some fries instead? *pushes a load of fries onto your laptop keyboard* (smirk) Extra salt and vinegar!

    3. choco


      I don't like onion in any food. I do like fries tho.

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