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  1. I take what Sydno sends me and develop it myself. He will send a couple of sentences, for example, with the Storm/Rida interview: From this, I will form some sentences, and come back to it later. I based Rida/Storm's room on Dee Dee's room from Dexter's Laboratory, for example, and Junior's room on a mental patient's from an episode of The X-Files. Some people are easier to write about than others, but that's just me personally. Some intros I might write the majority of in 10 minutes, and others might take two weeks. The ideas flow naturally on some days, and other days n
  2. Crow

    I quit.

    What are your reasons for quitting, may I ask? Regardless, best of luck for the future!
  3. Preparing for the third and final year of university. It's going to be tough, and I may not survive, but I'll at least go down swinging. Oh, who am I kidding? I'll be on xat every day, ofc.
  4. I changed 'filthy shoes' to 'slimy shoes' - it sounded better . And thanks! This interview is very passionate (hehe)
  5. As if Romania are going to win anything . Good luck everyone!
  6. Anyone but England... Hope I get France or Germany!
  7. Good luck to both teams! @Eleven @Five
  8. Basically, I'd like a free handshake smiley on xat for two reasons: It's another greeting, in addition to the hug and coffee cup; It gives traders something to post after trading instead of the wink smiley. It could look something like this (source - sherv.net): Post your thoughts below, please! And have a lovely day! =P Edit: This smiley was officially released on 16th September 2016 as (deal).
  9. I think xat is slowly replacing our real lives. First chores, now grocery shopping. This does sound like a lovely idea though! Can we get a gallon smashing smiley too?
  10. Time shouldn't be an issue either. Junior has a dozen finished unreleased powers, so maybe one of those could be released one week while smiley makers work on more free ones? It would be nice to see the happy crying face: and 'I'm watching you' face adding too. And any others you think we're missing? =P
  11. Crow


    This could be quite fun for having tournaments on Contests! Imagine how tense the final would be with a (purple) on the line.
  12. She's a beauty, isn't she? I like your premise of collecting all the limited powers, though. It would solve the dilemma of everypower users having to pay an enormous price for a pawn they may never use. Since they'll get it as part of the package.
  13. Crow


    They're expensive test powers though Must be worth a try at least! I like the idea of the status perfectly matching the name.
  14. Auctioning off 1003 and then deleting it afterwards. I'd be leading the riots tbh
  15. When I spent months asking for the 4000 ID to be released in auction, the days when 42 actually replied to my private chats were like gold dust. His replies were rare and infrequent, but even if he only typed one letter, it meant so much to me. Waiting for the little (away) symbol to disappear on his pawn, and hoping he'd see my private chat. I think I cried when he told @Meesh there might be an auction the next day with 4000 in it.
  16. I'm thinking of lazy, yawning, grumpy, angry, splashing hippos. Maybe with a hippo hug (like the kiss).
  17. Sour puss It's a nice summer power, ready for the picking! Let's see what Lemona thinks anyway. She's an expert on these things
  18. You can't improve on perfection. The old hippo can never be beaten.
  19. It was the best interview so far! Loved the part about the shortnames! And has it really been almost 2 years since Verite was main on Test? o,o
  20. Not sure if these have been reported before. If so, I apologize. "Users cant" - http://prntscr.com/b4cu4q Also, some words have capitals after the dash, like 'Users', 'Blast' and 'Bad', and others don't, like 'custom' and 'sea'. Maybe consistency is needed? But there you go anyway! =P
  21. I wonder if the UK will win Eurovision

    1. LaFleur


      How did that win tho

    2. TinkerDoodle


      You were right =oo

      The crow profit! the Crowfit!!!!!

    3. Crow


      The prophet with profit!

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  22. You guys are funny. If you'd have put half of the effort into winning the Famous Names game as you did this, you would have won the 3k prize money. Lemona and I only started playing about half-way into it, and we were so casual about it. There's not even a prize for winning this one.
  23. I take responsibility for that lol, but I've neither seen the film nor read the books. I'm sorry if it sounds a bit saucy, but that wasn't the intention.
  24. Thanks Junior! I'm not 100% happy with them, but I'll just leave them for now =P
  25. Crow

    Pauction ??

    Power auctions are kinda boring. Take the shortnames of torched IDs - like Fear, Hate and Demon - with deleted xatspaces, and put those up in auction instead. They've been naughty boys and don't deserve their names anyway.
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