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  1. It's a very small addition that would have excellent benefits - less scams and less distress for users. Let's hope this is added.
  2. The release of the Superxmas power collection means the festive season is underway and it's less than two weeks until the Grinch makes his way down Mount Crumpit. We love Christmas on xat, and that's why we're promoting the annual Christmas chat (complete with a Christmas radio) to spread the cheer. We hope you'll join us with a mince pie and a glass of the finest mulled wine - even if it's just for background ambience. There'll also be contests on Trade and Game chats, amongst others. We can't guarantee presents for everyone (that's Santa's job!) but we hope you'll check out our selection here. So whether you're celebrating alone or with friends and family - or even if you don't celebrate Christmas at all - we hope you have a warm, safe winter and a very happy new year. Best wishes, Contributors
  3. Crow


    This is exactly right. Volunteers rely on users recalling this type of information from memory when verifying them as the owner of the account. The assumption is that hackers (who may have gained access to the email address) won't know this information so they won't be able to pass security and get the account unlocked/auth removed/updated to their location. It would be very dangerous if they had access to a list like this.
  4. SantaNate is in charge, just in time for Christmas? Do you have a list of chat rules? I might start visiting if I get time.
  5. As others have said, we've had the same pattern three or four times now. Vale is inactive Contributors or others will discuss adding a co-main or changing things Vale appears from nowhere and shuts down the discussions, reassuring everyone Vale is inactive Repeat, etc. I'm a huge fan of Vale but something needs to change somewhere.
  6. Is it confirmed that he's being added permanently?
  7. Crow


    User has requested for the topic to be reopened.
  8. Crow

    KitKat power

    Hello! Please read the following post before suggesting ideas in the future:
  9. The question or questions in this topic have been answered and an answer has been marked. This topic is now closed. If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.
  10. Hello, We have had a number of reports recently in relation to fraudulent users. Remember that: (1) Volunteers will NEVER ask for your xats, days or powers. Volunteers are rewarded for their services through test powers, which are distributed by admins. Volunteers will not ask for further rewards. (2) Volunteers will NEVER ask for your password. They do not require this information for anything (nor does any user). The only times that volunteers will ask for your information is if you request a ticket opening (they would ask for your ID, username and the email address associated with your account) OR if you have a ticket open and they ask you within the ticket to answer security questions - in this case, the information should be provided within your ticket. (3) Volunteers will NEVER private message you on the chats to inform you that your account is blocked for illegal activity. Volunteers have no reason to do this - all account block matters are handled within tickets. NOTE: If someone is impersonating a volunteer (or even a wiki editor, etc.), please ignore them and report them immediately with evidence. Proper evidence may include two full chat screen grabs. The first screen grab must have the messages in their entirety. The second must have the user ID and registered name with the messages partially visible. If you are concerned for your safety, please change your password immediately. Please also be vigilant of clicking suspicious links from random users and check the Volunteer wiki page before you contact a volunteer. You may share this topic/information with anyone who is worried about a fraudulent user.
  11. Crow

    Automatic logaut.

    The user has a ticket open, so this topic can be closed. This particular case is an Account Hold issue, but I've not seen it before where the length of the hold is not specified. In any case, a reply in Account Hold is typically faster than in Account Block, so the volunteer can always take a look and transfer the ticket over to AB if it turns out they are blocked.
  12. Cupim deserves a lot of credit. He's a hard-working volunteer and smiley maker, and he runs the Ajuda and Loja official chats. He also runs xatproject.com and xatradio.com, which approves all the IPs for embedding external radios below chats. He's been doing all this for years and years, and he doesn't have a fancy short ID. I don't always agree with his opinions, but they're nonetheless interesting to hear.
  13. Can I vlog it for YouTube? That way, if anything does happen, I can at least get millions of views. And maybe a guest appearance on Ellen.
  14. Crow


    But we're not talking about a couple of days either. It's long enough to ruin the history and credibility of cyan pawn, which is entirely avoidable.
  15. Crow


    Ideally, we would have two different pawns with two different meanings and two different wiki articles. It avoids confusion and makes things simpler. I agree to preserve the history of cyan and the light blue 'verification' symbolism for celebrities.
  16. Crow


    This is a badly informed decision and I ask you to reconsider. If you want to reward Maverick or others with a new pawn, give them yellow or diamond - not an existing "celebrity" pawn that bears no resemblance to their credentials.
  17. I'm sorry, but we can already play that game and you didn't acknowledge doodle in your post. The time that Admins/Maverick spend coding this game (reminder: a game that we can already play) will probably take the time of a new unique game that we don't already have. It's not a bad idea and it could definitely be a fun multiplayer addition with good customisation options. But you didn't write any of that in your post. You didn't acknowledge the fact that we already have a playable bubble shooter game on xat with the exact same name ("bubble shooter") and you didn't suggest how it could be any different to that.
  18. You can play this already via doodle, right? How is this different to the bubble shooter game we already have via embed codes? I'll also put forward my xat "tamagotchi" idea. Raise animal smileys, level up and unlock bigger rarer ones. Other users can view your pet via the app. It's addicting and encourages users to log in each day.
  19. Here are my suggestions: (1) Checkers (2) Pong (madball - see first image) (3) Football/soccer (see second image) (4) Volleyball (see third image) (5) Bomberman (or some variant - see fourth image) Not just because they're fun and addicting, but they're a great way to meet new people and make new friends too. "Does anyone want a game of football?" Etc Concept art from the Pong game. Concept art from the Slime Football online game. Concept art from the Slime Volleyball online game. Concept art from the Playing with Fire online game.
  20. Crow

    Why? / Because!

    Because it's healthier and cheaper than buying other products. Why do you ask so many questions?
  21. Have time to do things! Imagine if you had more time to relax, do your work, chores, exercise. I need Bernard's watch .
  22. I have banned @maxo as an offering to Stan Lee. May his soul rest in peace.
  23. Crow

    Power Cupid :D

    Idea for a hug: set in a heavenly Greek sanctuary with roses, laurel wreaths, silver gates and clouds. Cupid could float past and fire an arrow at the user. A bunch of love hearts would then emanate from the user.
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