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  1. Hannah Montana (not that I've watched it ^-^', it's just Miley Cyrus is blergh ) Dexter's Laboratory or Powerpuff Girls?
  2. Cyan arriving like: This could happen soon if we get our acts together! Make it happen! =)
  3. I knew I'd seen it somewhere haha, but I was thinking (drop) instead. You could make the smileys green, and turn it into an acid power! >:) Or yellow, and into a juice power, etc. Seems a waste of a perfectly good effort otherwise! =)
  4. Nah, I was referring to the people who deliberately don't spend money on Xat because "it's a waste of money", etc., or people who spend most of their time disrupting/trolling instead of supporting the community. These are the people whom I think treat the website like a joke. Basically, if you make it a free smiley, everyone gets the Xat trophy/award, whether they've spent 2 minutes on Xat, or 8 years. Which is fine, of course. It's just my suggestion, and Choco's and TinkerDoodle's (sort of), to make it a reward of some sorts. A reward for people who deserve it. Would people who spend more mo
  5. You could add a shield and medals to that list, if you wanted! We have medals already, but they have the Olympics logo on them! Unless you're just sticking to the trophy idea, then that's fine! =) It depends on your perspective, really, but I disagree . It's not special if everyone has it. Also, the site doesn't survive on freeloaders. I think we should reward people who spend serious (?) amounts of money, not people who treat the website like a joke, or who spend really meagre amounts (does acquiring hat and nameglow really deserve a gold award?). Hence the e
  6. Exactly what I was thinking. It could be exclusive to everypower, since you've basically 'conquered' Trade once you've obtained every power. Also, we were having a debate about different pawn colors for everypower the other day, and whether everypower needs more add-ons. This could be something along those lines.
  7. Crow

    Excite Power

    @Lemona for smiley maker?
  8. The One Ring Pawn One Ring Pawn to rule them all, One Ring Pawn to find them, One Ring Pawn to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
  9. Well, we all know how much Americans love their country... Feels like this should have been done already! It's a celebratory power, like the St. Patrick's one, and gets us all into the spirit of the occasion! Nicely suggested!
  10. If they won't sell 'em, then we need another incentive for Xat to release more free smileys. Something like: "Will donate $150 to a children's charity under Xat's name if these emotes/memes are made within 2 weeks!". It's a lovely gesture too, and I'd be willing to do something like this in the future, if possible! That way, everyone benefits!
  11. Crow

    Excite Power

    Excellent ideas! Gradually we're starting to fill in the gaps with the missing smiley faces, and then we'll wonder how we ever survived without them! I've been wanting the 'happy crying' face for ages too! Would much rather use these than the next insect or baboon smiley power !
  12. Reminder: April Fools' Day next week! Watch out for any pranks!

    1. Mencee


      You say this now but I'll forget and still get pranked. (meh)

    2. CLassified3


      Crow, wouldn't it be funny if xat would randomly gameban everyone when they came on the chat? 

    3. Crow


      No, I think the joke would be on Xat, because a lot of people would probably just sign out and leave! :$

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  13. This can be part of the new wave of free smileys, like ugh, meh and peach previously (along with 'happy crying' face)! This would be used a lot, possibly by mods/owners who are watching the chat too!
  14. Subhide doesn't work when flashrank is activated. That's why you never see black stars/crosses/hearts with flashrank (they're always yellow/red)! But yeah, it's talked about a lot here when bugs are discussed! :3
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