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  1. Right because I'm right-handed. You're placing $100,000 on one spin of the roulette wheel. What will it be: Red or Black?
  2. Got a refund of 550k, or something. Spell was the one who replied to the ticket, so thank you Mr. Spell! =) I would've just quit if I hadn't got one, and I wouldn't be where I am today. And you'd probably trust them too if a Help moderator was vouching for them (if you were me, that is). I'd only been around official chats about a week at that point, and Help staff could have been admins for all I cared. But there's no hard feelings about it, and we've moved on. I didn't know middlemen existed either. But would I pay 100k to learn an invaluable life lesson about never trusting anyo
  3. Crow

    Dinosaur Power

    Lol, thank you for the contribution! I was going for a variety of different dinosaurs, but these are certainly interesting, and will give the smiley makers more ideas to choose from. Thanks again!
  4. Best: February 2014. The user Shady saw gold in store, but he had to wait 4 minutes because he had just bought a ladybug power (250 xats). Either that or winning 4000 or 4004 at auction. Worst: March 2014. Getting scammed 650k. I transferred all my powers, xats and days to a buyer, and he never sent me the PayPal money. He signed out 10 minutes later. (I was overly trusting). Good to know there are still some decent people out there! Thanks for sharing that.
  5. How many xats are you giving away? (smirk)

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      Wow. (meh)

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      I HATE YOU CROW (flip) 

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      Crow, It is not nice to troll. :$

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  6. There's more chance of a tank crashing through my bedroom window than this power being made. Even if the pawn wasn't completely absurd, he's just too controversial. Sorry.
  7. Not sure if this related, but I encountered problems with reglinks last month. I bought 44M (with @Marya11211 as middleman), but when the seller deleted it, his reglink was broken. We both had to wait over a week for his ticket (which was sent to admins) to be replied to. That was a full week between deleting the ID and actually handing it over. Thought I'd post this here anyway.
  8. Free eye test every time you sign in!
  9. I'd visit your house, @TinkerDoodle, but there's nothing worth stealing!
  10. Settling for 3rd or 2nd place? No way! Although silver would look sleek and classy... and everything would look futuristic! Ok, you have my vote, @TinkerDoodle!
  11. I've been watching a few Who Wants to Be a Millionaire videos lately
  12. Crow

    Hedgehog Power

    So it's not a fox, but a shaved hedgehog Well, at least the bears are different...
  13. Here's my favorite website: http://tinyurl.com/2fcpre6 If not xat, then it's probably the BBC Sport website, where I catch up on the football news!
  14. Crow

    Bear Power

    Can this forum avoid talking about food just for one thread? No? Well ok, here you go :
  15. I agree, we should promote diversity! We already have American: and Korean: foods, after all!
  16. The ability to say the right thing at the right time, all the time. You could be a very powerful person indeed! Would be nice to know what goes through some peoples' minds even if you're not talking with them. Trolls or haters, for example! The danger is, I'd probably never restart it again... The world would be my playground!
  17. Actual scientific evidence for why a power should be released? Not sure I've seen that before! I want my dexterity performance increasing too please! Oh... Well I guess the printscreen was only an example anyway. This idea sounds really lovely, and although we have an abundance of cute things already, it would fit into the system really nicely! Would much like to see some cool or gruesome things too, though, to balance it out! Overall, a great suggestion, Minerva!
  18. Crow

    Bear Power

    We have gkbear power, which is slightly similar. But these smileys are different enough to hold their own, and I can bear the thought of this being made too. I love the personalities that each of them has! And bearhug is a great name for the next hug, if one were to be made. Maybe a teddy bear picnic? Another good idea within the space of 2 minutes! You're on fire!
  19. Crow

    Hedgehog Power

    A very sharp suggestion! This power will no doubt sell faster than Sonic himself! Good idea!
  20. Crow

    Fox Grey Power

    Came for an orange fox, but found some gray ones! They're all very cute, and they're something we've not had before! If I were a fox, I'd definitely want this power made! Nice work! =)
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