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    Divorce Notification

    Imagine this notification popping up unexpectedly when you're in the middle of a conversation, having had no prior warning they were going to do it, and they're your best friend and everything... heartbreaking. But it's a cool idea for people who like to keep track of things!
  2. Crow

    Chocolate Pawn

    It's the dress all over again Looks black and white to me
  3. Crow


    Or an auction for rare short names, like Sexy back in 2012! Or disused chats that haven't been logged into for years...
  4. Hate it when the clocks go forward! Lose an hours' sleep.

  5. Crow

    Yum or Yuck ???

    Yum! Are Whoppers just a poor man's Maltesers, though? Cow's belly soup
  6. This is actually really cool. It really is the small things that can make us the happiest! So true. There's so much hype, and it really is one of the biggest days of the year on Xat. Especially for the profiters!
  7. Crow

    New Power Police

    This thread is a little dry, so here are a few ideas to go with the cop/FBI agent theme: (Undercover) power. Similar to the '$ owner/guest' trick, but you can be member or mod too. Basically, you can be a secret agent, with the ability to ban people higher than yourself. Restricted to main owners/owners only. If lots of people have this power, they might not guess you're undercover. (crimehug) power. Since the introduction of the hug powers, there are a plethora of potential ideas for hugs. With the crime theme, for example, you could have: a prisoner behind bars; a judge in a courtroom (delivering a verdict); a person having a mugshot taken; a police chase (a bit like sleighhug but in a getaway vehicle), etc. These are just some ideas to improve/build on this power. This isn't my thread and I don't intend to take over. =)
  8. I think that's the point: to take an existing concept and convert it into a ban. The same way snakeban is related to snakerace. Anyway, I like the idea of blowing up a tank! How else will I express my masculinity? Very nice ideas indeed!
  9. Crow

    Goat Power

    Ugly, smelly thing This is a nice - albeit unusual - idea though. I'd like to see it happen!
  10. Jerusalem Rather appropriate, given the day!
  11. Happy Easter to you too. Let's not forget what this day is really about though... chocolate!
  12. As more and more powers are released and added to the list each week, something like this becomes more and more useful. If you have a list of 300 tick boxes, surely a 'tick all' box makes sense? (or something to the same effect). Most other places would have it! =) Great suggestion!
  13. Belgium Sending all my love to the families who were affected by the recent tragedy.
  14. Crow

    Yum or Yuck ???

    Yum! The summer is approaching! Balut (popular dish in the Philippines and other South East Asian countries)
  15. Crow


    As if anyone on this website participates in sport I'm joking, but it's a nice creative idea!
  16. Crow

    This or That ???

    Right because I'm right-handed. You're placing $100,000 on one spin of the roulette wheel. What will it be: Red or Black?
  17. Got a refund of 550k, or something. Spell was the one who replied to the ticket, so thank you Mr. Spell! =) I would've just quit if I hadn't got one, and I wouldn't be where I am today. And you'd probably trust them too if a Help moderator was vouching for them (if you were me, that is). I'd only been around official chats about a week at that point, and Help staff could have been admins for all I cared. But there's no hard feelings about it, and we've moved on. I didn't know middlemen existed either. But would I pay 100k to learn an invaluable life lesson about never trusting anyone ever again? Sure I would. =P That's why it was so good though. It's too much stress worrying about profiting and winning ID auctions. It was such a relief when nothing happened!
  18. Crow

    Dinosaur Power

    Lol, thank you for the contribution! I was going for a variety of different dinosaurs, but these are certainly interesting, and will give the smiley makers more ideas to choose from. Thanks again!
  19. Best: February 2014. The user Shady saw gold in store, but he had to wait 4 minutes because he had just bought a ladybug power (250 xats). Either that or winning 4000 or 4004 at auction. Worst: March 2014. Getting scammed 650k. I transferred all my powers, xats and days to a buyer, and he never sent me the PayPal money. He signed out 10 minutes later. (I was overly trusting). Good to know there are still some decent people out there! Thanks for sharing that.
  20. How many xats are you giving away? (smirk)

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  21. There's more chance of a tank crashing through my bedroom window than this power being made. Even if the pawn wasn't completely absurd, he's just too controversial. Sorry.
  22. Not sure if this related, but I encountered problems with reglinks last month. I bought 44M (with @Marya11211 as middleman), but when the seller deleted it, his reglink was broken. We both had to wait over a week for his ticket (which was sent to admins) to be replied to. That was a full week between deleting the ID and actually handing it over. Thought I'd post this here anyway.
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