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    New Powers [SBACK]

    The potato one would have to be really clever and creative to avoid ridicule, (e.g. baked for angry [with steam], peeled for sad, fried for cool, mashed for embarrassed, etc.), otherwise it looks kinda lazy. I agree with Elie for the flagback. For such a nationally-diverse website, I'm surprised that it hasn't happened already. Now, the second idea seems to promote stereotypes, but that pizza just looks so tasty I can't help myself! Overall nice ideas, and the flag one should definitely happen!
  2. I cried at the end of Dragonball Evolution because of how bad it was. Oh, best movie you say? Big Fish was a real tear-jerker
  3. Crow

    How many squares?

    I got 40, but I know I'm missing something...
  4. This looks like a lot of fun, providing you can see the other users moving around too! (like your design shows). Wouldn't be much fun otherwise, though. There's already a template set up for it too, so I can really see this game happening! Great idea!
  5. Don't spend that money, Crow. NO CROW, don't spend it!!! NO!!! PUT IT DOWN!!! PUT ITT-- *wrestles myself* NooOOOO !!!
  6. Are you going to dox me, Hound? I'm from West Yorkshire, England. It looks like this:
  7. Adblock, so you don't have to sit through those pesky YouTube adverts. HoverZoom, so you can enlarge thumbnails (pics) just by hovering over them with the mouse.
  8. Any reasons, guys? And mine is Spider-Man, not just because of his awesome, athletic powers, but because he has the best villains too. Like, how many famous enemies do Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, etc. have? Can't think of many...
  9. I think my wardrobe is too heavy to lift! Maybe I can hide in it though...
  10. Crow

    This or That ???

    Lol! Maybe if it was 100,000,000 dollars I might choose the money, but otherwise it's animorphing all the way! 1 million xats or becoming volunteer?
  11. Yeah, at some point it's going to get to the stage where EP costs like 350-400k or something. Would the red alone still be worth it, as opposed to buying a few select powers individually? Considering how cheap in comparison the same red was a few years' ago...
  12. Would this encourage more people to spend more money on Xat, thereby increasing Xat's profits? Without conducting a survey, you'd probably say yes; more people would want to buy EP. However, the chat might look like a glittery mess.
  13. Crow

    This or That ???

    Sassy. At least flashrank might get fixed! Superpowers or infinitely rich?
  14. What's your favorite brand of toilet plunger? I think mine is the Rothenberger w120mm. The suction is excellent.
  15. Crow

    Owl Power

    This actually sounds like something that would be made. An owl's head is the right shape and everything! You could have barn owls (brown) and snowy owls (white) for variety. You could also add owldizzy and owlhmm to your list of smileys! Pawns could be an owl, a tree or a cage. Kisses could be an owl hooting in a tree in a dark forest. Owl to become the new shark?
  16. Crow

    This or That ???

    You can't have both! That's not fair! Mexican because my family doesn't like spicy food, and I'm starved of it. Red or green apples?
  17. The two burning questions: 1) Was there any clicking involved? 2) Was it worth it?
  18. Crow

    This or That ???

    Purple because it's magic, mysterious and the color of royalty. The ID (1) or becoming admin?
  19. Infinity is pretty good. Whenever you see this, you know god status has been achieved.
  20. Oh I meant sequels to the original Planet of the Apes (1968)! I saw RotPotA with James Franco, but I always wanted the humans to win. Not seen the newest one yet!
  21. Crow

    This or That ???

    You have to ask a question too, dimple! xP Wasps or Scorpions?
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