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  1. Crow


    Maybe we can get a wobble effect too! =P Like (smirk#wobble)
  2. Would like to visit Spain, maybe chill out on the beach and buy some counterfeit pokemon games from the supermarket.
  3. Crow

    Famous Names

    Graham Norton (52)
  4. Crow

    Famous Names

    Mads Mikkelsen (51)
  5. Crow

    Famous Names

    Holly Valance (50)
  6. Crow

    Famous Names

    Denzel Washington (49) Incidentally, that's the same name I gave to my washing machine ^-^
  7. The sundae is served in a dirty glass I wish for infinite xats.
  8. Hope I get Atletico! Onwards to victory!
  9. It's not the winning but the taking part that counts! ???
  10. Your ideas sound great, and I second Paul too. Xavi can be a really nice power if only there were more customization options available! =) I'd like more permanent facial expressions too (i.e. more mouths, eyes, brows), rather than the neutral ones they have now. Also, how about an add-on for people who collect all the xavi items (like everypower's ruby), to encourage people to collect 'em all? Edit: similar thread located here:
  11. The first one! Imagine being Mewtwo or Deoxys, with psychic powers! =) Two million xats or cyan pawn?
  12. "[...] those creatures don't exist, Mulder. They're folk tales born out of some collective fear of the unknown.” – Dana Scully, The X-Files, Episode 71. Personally, I believe they're just stories. Probably inspired by some weird guy who once got caught drinking a cheeky glass of blood. Over several decades, he became a fang-bearing, bat-transforming, mass-murdering immortal – with different cultures in different time periods having different interpretations. But hey, who knows? It's fun to speculate! =)
  13. What a win for Liverpool! :o

  14. Let's count our blessings that we never have to take that infernal quiz ever again... I remember doing that quiz when it first came out, and sometimes it didn't even give me the power. Oh... Well 2 questions isn't that bad. If it's broken, then logically it should be fixed!
  15. At least nobody said Cory in the House yet Dragon Ball/Z/GT because of the character development (i.e. Goku from kid to adult, Vegeta as a redeemed villain). Will second this, as long as it's Brotherhood! The lack of filler is amazing!
  16. Watched all ten seasons of The X-Files (+ 2 movies) and still don't believe in aliens. However, I do believe the government are hiding something about Roswell. Whether it's just slime growing on a space rock. Wish the Xenomorphs existed though... Some life forms have developed more than others. *burps and scratches my butt*
  17. I never knew this title existed until 5 minutes ago!
  18. Chelsea? Victory? Not this year! Gold
  19. Cute smile Superpowers, eternal youth, and immortality OR saving all your family's lives?
  20. I wish it were possible to narrow down the price of everypower a bit more too, though I appreciate Paul and Arthur's points that it's not that easy. =) Both Fexbots and Ocean say 'Everypower costs 304,978 - 330,301 xats'. That's a massive price gap by anyone's standards (enough xats to buy over 5 years' worth of days). It gives users an excuse to charge excessive amounts too!
  21. Crow

    Famous Names

    Shania Twain (48) I love a bit of Twain. Oh, I mean Mark Twain, sorry
  22. Nintendo 64, because that's the earliest console I remember. My older brother got it for Christmas. In fact, most of my childhood was spent watching him play classics like Goldeneye, Mario Kart 64, Banjo Tooie, Pokemon Stadium, and the Zelda games. I knew everything that happened in those games without even playing them. That's the life of a younger brother. =(
  23. What type of sandwich should I make?

    1. choco


      Bread sandwich.

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