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  1. Well spotted! Add this to the list with the other two hundred things that need doing! (flashrank pls) Nice status too 8)
  2. If this were made, it would probably be one of the best-selling smiley powers, don't you think? (but that's not an excuse to make it expensive!!!) =)
  3. Crow

    Geass Power

    Hell yes! Let's have some DBZ, One Piece, Naruto! (hippo) [I know this won't easily happen]
  4. Crow

    This or That ???

    Where I live, lunch and dinner are the same thing... [the evening meal is called 'tea']. But, in your terms, I'll go for dinner, because I'm allowed a big meal! 90s or 2000s?
  5. Remember when Pikachu used to look like this? (in the late 90s):
  6. Crow

    This or That ???

    Writing! [Don't have time for serious reading these days.] Fox or flying fox?
  7. Thank you for providing this, haha. I was looking at memes on google images thinking 'How can this possibly work as a power? The text wouldn't be big enough to read for a start, and why wouldn't people just use a meme generator instead of paying XXX xats? Would you make them in the side app?' xP. Overall, I fully agree with your point. Some of these just seem to fit the situation better than anything else, and most people will recognize them. Nice research too! The Twitch emotes are brilliant (as seen here), yes! I saw @Mencee use one of them, and they cover far more faces than the Xat ones currently do. Let's have more faces please!
  8. As a confused caveman, can you give me one or two examples, please? How would this work as a power, and why would people pay for it?
  9. Can you link the original forum post with the marshmallow suggestion? If not, surely credit goes to Choco? If it is suggested in a private chat, there's no way for other users to know if the idea has been suggested already. As far as I am concerned, this idea is original.
  10. Crow

    Word Association

    Sawsbuck! (a Pokémon)
  11. Do you, or have you ever been tempted to, wear a kilt? If so, describe the experience for us! I also wonder if anyone lives near this awesome giant statue in Russia. Wouldn't mind waking up to her every morning:
  12. Like these? (throw in some whites too): Someone pass me a mug of hot chocolate! Quick! Different emotions could correspond to different colors: pink for shy/embarrassed, green for ill/jealous, yellow for surprised/scared, etc. Brown/black could be burned [which could look good with a half-and-half effect], and white could be innocent, like an angel. The shapes/sizes could be also different, like a flump (twisted) or a giant one. You could even have one being poked with a stick, or being stretched by hands! Ideas for a hug: sat around a campfire roasting marshmallows with other Xat smileys. Just some quick ideas though. =P
  13. Can we promote healthy eating for once? Broccoli, spinach or carrot powers? No? If nothing else, these marshmallows are easy for the smiley makers to draw. And they're very cute too! Nice idea! =)
  14. Crow

    This or That ???

    It's ok Dimple! Dragon Ball Z, because it's less orientated to kids. Dubai or Monaco?
  15. Crow

    Slushie power

    My BFF has the shortname Slushie! I'm sure she'd approve too! It's a throwback to the early 2000s when they used to sell these in my local movie theatre! Haven't seen them in a while! =)
  16. Charmander, because it was my first ever Pokemon card. Otherwise it's Honchkrow, just because it reflects my theme: I actually battled the guy who drew this (Arkeis) back in 2009.
  17. Crow

    This or That ???

    @dimplef, please read the rules. You have been disrupting the game for the last 10 days now. Love Sonic or Crash?
  18. S, because: My real-life initials are S.S. In grammar, it can be used to mark plurals and the genitive case In sound symbolism, it can be used to replicate soft, fluid or hissing noises The letter symbol itself is shaped like a snake Is used for the dollar sign Can be turned upside down and reads the same Is the Superman symbol Can be used for Super Saiyan abbreviations (SS2, SSG, SSGSS, etc.) Looks almost the same as its capital counterpart (Ss) Source: my brain
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