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  1. Hello, If you cannot find the information you are looking for on xat's Privacy Policy, you may open a support ticket using the form at https://xat.com/ticket. If you require help doing this, please send me a private message.
  2. A pergunta ou as perguntas neste tópico foram respondidas e uma resposta foi marcada. Este tópico está encerrado. Se você tiver quaisquer outras perguntas, por favor, abra um novo tópico.
  3. Happy birthday! (goo) Have a good one

  4. Well done to Luana for an excellent time, and good luck to Lida for the month ahead!
  5. El usuario ahora tiene un boleto (ticket) abierto. Recibirá una respuesta dentro de su boleto (ticket).
  6. Crow


    Generally, you should refer to the last response received within your ticket. If a volunteer advised you to open a new ticket, you may continue waiting patiently for a response within your new ticket. Thank you for your patience.
  7. Crow

    Ice Pawn

    My only concern is that it's too similar to the cyan pawn, as others have said. I know we're not blessed with cyan users at the moment, but it could weaken the appeal of cyan in the future if ice is easily available. Nonetheless, I think this is a beautiful pawn and the ice theme allows for lots of creativity with accompanying freeze-related smilies and other features. Maybe it could unlock new snowman xavis or new arctic gift plushes (polar bear, penguin, snow fox, arctic wolf, walrus, mammoth, etc.)
  8. I think this is a design flaw in our wiki that needs addressing. I didn't intentionally categorize the power as Unlimited (as the status is currently unknown). But the way it works is that anything not marked as Limited is automatically categorized as Unlimited by default. There may be a simple workaround that I haven't thought of though.
  9. Not sure if this fits in here, but I have a school story too. Back when I was 10, my stepdad used to make nasty sandwiches for my school lunch, which I took with me every day. These sandwiches were always soggy from the cucumber inside them, and they always had finger/thumb indents in the bread, which I thought was gross. I didn't eat them, of course, but I couldn't bring them home and risk punishment either, so I used to throw them onto the school roof instead. It started out as a joke because my classmates found it funny, but then it became a genuinely useful way to dispose of th
  10. The question or questions in this topic have been answered and an answer has been marked. This topic is now closed. If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.
  11. Crow

    New Pawn Colors

    Here are some pawn colors that have been suggested in the past. Spoiler tag to keep the post condensed.
  12. There are some related comments in this topic too:
  13. Well done to Raven and congratulations to Tom2 Luana! This year is going too fast.
  14. You need Status for Statusfx to function. The other powers, e.g. Statusglow, Statuscolor, are not required.
  15. If none of the solutions in this topic work, my suggestion would be to open a ticket in the A General Question or Concern department and request that your powers be unassigned from your account, as you've tried all the methods provided in this topic and nothing so far has been successful. If you have difficulties with this, please send me a private message.
  16. Can you provide proof that your group power is assigned on that chat?
  17. You can also attempt to use the /go command to access the deleted group. Go to any chat and type /go xat208558247 Then you can try unassigning the power there. Are you certain your group power is assigned on that chat?
  18. See if this link works for you: https://xat.com/embed/chat.php#id=208558247&gn=xat208558247. You may be able to unassign your group powers there.
  19. Forum Guidelines 14. Unless a forum or topic specifically authorizes the use of a different language, English is the only language allowed. This includes other content areas, such as statuses. Please could you edit your post accordingly? You may use https://translate.google.com.
  20. I think it's a useful option for topic creators in certain situations, for the reasons you've provided. It could be an effective strategy to stop 'yes men' and 'group think' phenomena. It would help to obtain more authentic, unbiased responses from users, as they cannot be influenced by what other users have written. The downside to this idea is that it could make public discussions quite boring, if they appear empty until you post something. Sometimes you just want to read a discussion for fun without intending to participate in it, and you might have nothing useful to
  21. Crow

    Promoted Groups

    I can potentially open a ticket for you in this department, if you are still unable to do so yourself. Your account problem can be explained there, within your ticket. Please send me a private message if you wish for me to do this.
  22. This sale has been marked as completed and the topic has been moved from the main ID Marketplace section. If you would like to buy or sell another ID, please open a new topic.
  23. This suggestion is for two animal smiley powers. The concept was originally conceived by @lcky in the New power for earth day topic, but I believe the ideas deserve more detail and attention. These powers aren’t intended to preach to anyone about saving animals or the environment! It's just a pair of creative smiley powers with an Earth Day theme that are different to the ones we currently have. EXTINCT POWER ENDANGERED POWER Please let us know your constructive thoughts below! Thank you to Abrahan (1534445130) for sparking the re
  24. I've been informed the flag of Montenegro is also missing, if this can be added to the master list too please.
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