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    Social #networks

    My biggest concern would be users exposing too much of their personal information here. Although it's obviously the user's own choice whether to add their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram profiles on there (and xat isn't responsible for the actions of malicious users), a better philosophy might be to say "Don't give your personal information to other users" rather than inviting it by adding official icons. I do think this would be a good place for users to link their xat forum accounts though, if there's a way to officially link it. It would help spread awareness of the forum for users who don't know about it.
  2. We could boost its sales by including it within the Superhobby collection. We could also add smilies for: (1) no WiFi signal, (2) no phone signal; (3) scouting badges with custom designs e.g. the xat planet and the logos for Trade and Help; (4) an angry grizzly bear; (5) a camping toilet with flies; (6) a tent that's enduring the elements (rain, then a tornado, then snow); (7) a sausage smiley that bursts when you hover over it. You should be able to customize the color of your tent.
  3. Whether they're classed as "ban rules" or a "ban guide" depends on how strict the main owner wishes to be with them, in my opinion. Each term has its own connotations. For instance, if the main owner says they must always be used and if you deviate from them you're acting incorrectly, then that sounds more like a rule. But if the main owner says 'follow them when you can but you won't be disciplined if you decide to use your own judgement within the situation', then that sounds more like a guide. Maybe I'm completely overthinking it and getting too caught up in the semantics. I've voted Bantime because it's more neutral about how it can be used, and you are essentially standardizing ban times at the end of the day (and ban reasons - but they're less problematic).
  4. Crow

    Rose Gold Pawn

    It's luxurious by name and nature, and could definitely be an add-on to gold power, as others have written. I've done a quick Google search, and there does seem to be three predominant shades of gold in society: yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Yellow gold clearly correlates to the gold power we currently have, and it could make sense to unlock rose gold and white gold colors after obtaining two and three quantities of gold power respectively. Maybe more. It creates an incentive for users to buy multiple copies of an expensive power when they wouldn't normally. White gold could be the equivalent to silver pawn that we've discussed over the years and might be more in demand than rose, although they're both beautiful to wear. The new shades of gold would work with Everypower emerald too, for those with ultra-expensive taste. And I would propose the add-ons unlock different versions of the popular (goldb) smiley backs too, so we have white gold and rose gold versions of (goldb). I guess an argument against the rose gold pawn is that we don't need any more pawn colors, and the user list is already glittery and colorful enough (perhaps overly so). You've given us a lot to think about!
  5. This sale has been marked as completed and the topic has been moved from the main ID Marketplace section. If you would like to buy or sell another ID, please open a new topic.
  6. Happy birthday! ­čÄé­čÄé

    1. Abrahan


      Thank you very much for remembering my friend!

  7. I'm just playing devil's advocate, but making General Support more competitive could have negative effects too. Firstly, there could be more users racing against each other, rushing their responses and focusing on speed rather than quality in the attempt to be the first to answer (thereby having a better chance of being picked as the best answer). Secondly, there could be more users diluting the topic with mediocre replies, just posting answers for the sake of it, copying and rewording each other, because they want a chance to be picked as the best answer. I might just be exaggerating minor concerns though.
  8. Crow


    I love the creativity of the Suggestions Tracker idea @Guinho, as it could help motivate the smiley makers and xat developers to implement as many ideas as possible (rather than just having loads as "Pending" or "Under Review"), and it provides more organisation to handling suggestions, as you say. But it might also be unrealistic for admins, smiley makers and xat developers to review and decide on every single suggestion posted by users there. They're the ones who ultimately make the final decisions on these things, and we can't decide on their behalf what will or won't be added, unless it's a really obvious rejection. It might be too time-consuming. Regarding Feedback chat, we already have a Google Form within the bot's autowelcome message, for users to provide any piece of constructive feedback or suggestion they have, anytime they like, even when staff are offline. I check every response posted, and we discuss the serious ones in monthly staff meetings. Here's the form we currently use: https://forms.gle/f57G8SFbQLSM1ybY8. On the current Google Form, our strategy is to ask for suggestions rather than just opinions like "What do you think about XYZ", because then we're going deeper and looking to fix and improve something. But maybe that's something we could do differently.
  9. It's very exciting to have a new pawn, and I'm optimistic about the long-term benefits it could have on bringing more users to xat! I'm personally not in favour of ticket volunteers, developers, smiley makers and certain resellers all being given the pawn, because I think it does diminish the appeal of it to influencers. It won't be as exclusive as Cyan pawn if 20-odd users have it, but as admin says the final decision hasn't been taken yet.
  10. Well done to everyone involved at HTML5 chat - not just the main owners and the monthly managers, but all the owners and mods for their hard work and all the members for keeping us all company!
  11. Hello, If you cannot find the information you are looking for on xat's Privacy Policy, you may open a support ticket using the form at https://xat.com/ticket. If you require help doing this, please send me a private message.
  12. A pergunta ou as perguntas neste tópico foram respondidas e uma resposta foi marcada. Este tópico está encerrado. Se você tiver quaisquer outras perguntas, por favor, abra um novo tópico.
  13. Happy birthday! (goo) Have a good one

  14. Well done to Luana for an excellent time, and good luck to Lida for the month ahead!
  15. El usuario ahora tiene un boleto (ticket) abierto. Recibir├í una respuesta dentro de su boleto (´╗┐ticket).
  16. Crow


    Generally, you should refer to the last response received within your ticket. If a volunteer advised you to open a new ticket, you may continue waiting patiently for a response within your new ticket. Thank you for your patience.
  17. Crow

    Ice Pawn

    My only concern is that it's too similar to the cyan pawn, as others have said. I know we're not blessed with cyan users at the moment, but it could weaken the appeal of cyan in the future if ice is easily available. Nonetheless, I think this is a beautiful pawn and the ice theme allows for lots of creativity with accompanying freeze-related smilies and other features. Maybe it could unlock new snowman xavis or new arctic gift plushes (polar bear, penguin, snow fox, arctic wolf, walrus, mammoth, etc.)
  18. I think this is a design flaw in our wiki that needs addressing. I didn't intentionally categorize the power as Unlimited (as the status is currently unknown). But the way it works is that anything not marked as Limited is automatically categorized as Unlimited by default. There may be a simple workaround that I haven't thought of though.
  19. Not sure if this fits in here, but I have a school story too. Back when I was 10, my stepdad used to make nasty sandwiches for my school lunch, which I took with me every day. These sandwiches were always soggy from the cucumber inside them, and they always had finger/thumb indents in the bread, which I thought was gross. I didn't eat them, of course, but I couldn't bring them home and risk punishment either, so I used to throw them onto the school roof instead. It started out as a joke because my classmates found it funny, but then it became a genuinely useful way to dispose of the sandwiches. I threw one sandwich onto the roof each day for months. They were all in plastic wrap, so they probably stayed fresher for longer, and the birds couldn't get them. Nobody caught me doing it, until one day the school caretaker went onto the roof to fetch a ball down, and he found hundreds of my old sandwiches up there. One of my classmates snitched on me, and the school called my parents the same evening. I suppose that moment, which this topic is about, is when that phone call happened (you know you're in big trouble when the school calls your parents). I had to explain why I wasn't eating the sandwiches, and we worked out a new lunch plan. And I had an awkward meeting with my teacher the next day.
  20. The question or questions in this topic have been answered and an answer has been marked. This topic is now closed. If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.
  21. Crow

    New Pawn Colors

    Here are some pawn colors that have been suggested in the past. Spoiler tag to keep the post condensed.
  22. There are some related comments in this topic too:
  23. Well done to Raven and congratulations to Tom2 Luana! This year is going too fast.
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