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  1. If xat users were to have a civil war (Avengers style) who would you want on your team? Except 42, because that's cheating.

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    2. Crow


      People are always arguing about something on these forums, Sydno :p - that shouldn't be a problem. I.e. renaming volunteers to 'ticket volunteers'; old smilies vs. new smilies; animal powers vs. no animal powers; having trade logs vs. no trade logs. But that idea is pretty good!


      Not sure on the size of the team either. :$ But maybe: a volunteer, a coder, an exploiter, a smiley maker, a bi/multilingual person, a wealthy person, a graphic designer, a blog writer/editor, an intelligent person/strategist, an attractive person, a charismatic person, an influential person from the past (maybe an old helper/volunteer), and, finally, a bot owner (unless they've formed their own army, like Jedi). Oh and some random person can just tag along (to represent the wider community). And it needs someone to lead them. These numbers may vary, and the team can have several of each person. Also, the opposing team will be just as strong.


      Is this team too big? :$ Did I miss anyone?

    3. Christina


      Your team is good.  Perhaps a good phisher. ;)  White knight of course.  LOL

    4. James


      Ducks, lots of ducks. No one hates ducks. 

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