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  1. Crow


    It's useful if you plan to delete your ID and don't want the next user to have all of your gifts. Alternatively, we could have the option to long press and highlight any number of our gifts and delete only those.
  2. Yeah, that's my fault for missing it when I wrote these entries. Sorry.
  3. Crow

    CAR power

    Perhaps we could unlock more prestigious vehicles with the more powers we stack. For example, collect 5 car powers to unlock the golden sportscar or golden motorbike smiley. This may increase sales of the power. And we could develop a new racing game that uses smilies from this power. The app could display a 2D race circuit with a top-down view to drive your vehicle around using the arrow keys. Other players would be visible on the circuit, and their xat username would appear next to their vehicle. This would be a gamebot game. There could also be a free ride mode, if y
  4. Good luck to @xRavennn for the month of March! Here is the old smiley line for the chat, if you want to replace the kaoani ones I added : pizza,a,shadesoff,vampire,mischief,yoshi,content,burger,x3,redface,donttalk,think
  5. It’s been another brilliant contest! Thank you to everyone who attended this event and the previous ones. We reached 56 users in the chat soon after xat's official tweet went out! Special thanks to oooTheflowerooo (1531162882) and eLreydeLreino (1509522881) for helping with the !randomuser countdowns. Here are the questions and answers if you missed any: Questions: Answers: And that concludes our series of February contests. The time went so fast, but I’ve made lots of happy memories. See you next
  6. The contest will now begin! Good luck to the participants!
  7. The contest will begin in one hour's time!
  8. 12 hours until our fourth contest for February 2021 begins! We look forward to seeing you there!
  9. Thank you for another amazing contest! It was fantastic to host again for HTML5 chat. Here are the questions and answers from earlier if you missed any: Questions: Answers: We hope to see you at the next contest on Saturday 27 February too!
  10. The contest will now begin! Good luck to the participants!
  11. 16 hours until the next contest! You know the drill - 10,000 xat trivia prizepool and lots of !randomusers for days. See you there!
  12. Please keep the discussion civilised and focus on critiquing the idea itself rather than making unnecessary comments about each other. I have removed some comments and edited others.
  13. Thank you for the kind words @theFlower! And yeah, the prizepool is 10,000 xats plus lots of days, but I didn't count how many days we gave out. Maybe it was around 200 days we gave out between questions.
  14. Thank you for another great contest! We have moved our contest on Saturday 20 February to earlier in the day, to accommodate more users (it's now 6pm British Time): https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/2422049/my-countdown Here are the questions and answers from today's contest in case you missed any: Questions: Answers:
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