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  1. This idea was suggested by Vevrok (10000123) on Feedback chat. The idea does not involve glows, grads or speeds! THE IDEA WHY? NEGATIVES CREDITS Thanks for reading! Please let us know your constructive thoughts below.
  2. The question or questions in this topic have been answered and an answer has been marked. This topic is now closed. If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.
  3. All the prizes have now been given out. Thank you again! The contest will now be closed.
  4. Crow


    The question or questions in this topic have been answered and an answer has been marked. This topic is now closed. If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.
  5. Thank you to everyone that entered! It was difficult choosing five winners from the many entries we had. All of the winners below met the requirements I specified in the first post. I've also tested each background for quality purposes. 1st place - @RobFerrari - 5000 xats The neon lights offer a stylish nightclub ambience to the chat without being hurtful to eyes. The magnet has clever symbolism - we aim to collect/attract feedback to the chat. The second entry also has colourful speech bubbles in different languages, which reflects the international status of the chat. Both entries are worthy winners in their own right, but I'm including them both together because they're similar themes. 2nd place - @iSanty - 4000 xats A simple but very professional design. These could be the graphics of a large corporation - they have that high quality look to them. There's also a cartoon vibe that suits xat in general. 3rd place - @Steven - 3000 xats A clever design that integrates the name of the chat to help represent its theme (letting your voice be heard). The red rings add layers of depth to the inner background, and they also represent sound pulses. 4th place - @Ethan - 2000 xats These designs look great visually. The first entry has a sad nighttime atmosphere, and the second has a retro arcade game vibe. The second could be perfect during spacewar contests. I'm grouping these backgrounds together as they're both dark and purple/red, and I couldn't decide between them. 5th place - @REDDS - 1000 xats Another set of designs that are visually awesome to look at. The space theme suits xat in general, and the improvised Feedback logo is clever with the arrows, which symbolises how we receive feedback and then feed that into other systems to help improve them. However, the UFO isn't very crisp on the outer chat preview and the banner is directly cropped from the outer background, which prevents it from ranking higher. Please find me at Feedback chat to collect your prize, or if you send me a PC on the chat, I can come to you!
  6. Sadly, there's already a 'Nameglitter' topic open, so I'll lock this topic and ask everyone to post in the existing one:
  7. I'm playing Pokémon Go Battle League, and here are my current teams: Great League (max 1500 CP): Lanturn, Venusaur, Empoleon Ultra League (max 2500 CP): Snorlax, Infernape, Granbull They all have unlocked second moves. I don't have a competitive Master League team yet.
  8. Entries are now closed! Thank you all so much for entering, and I'll post again once I've decided on winners and explained why.
  9. As a bonus idea, the tickle color could turn from green to orange once the counter reaches 5, and red once it reaches more than 9. This would signal urgency or something that may need your attention.
  10. Entries will be closing in 4 hours' time!
  11. I've merged your topics as they're very similar.
  12. You could learn to become a good helper on xat using the following resources: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page https://xthelp.wordpress.com/ https://forum.xat.com/announcement/2-frequently-asked-questions/ https://forum.xat.com/forum/4-general-support/ Or pick up a new hobby or TV show that interests you.
  13. I've now merged all of flower's entries into one post. I wish it'd merged them all into the original post, but so be it.
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