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  1. Crow

    Which door would you take?

    I agree with the red door. Would rather have guaranteed happiness than just going back and hoping for it. Also, 39 is still young enough to enjoy life.
  2. Crow


    Is anyone else tempted to take this test?
  3. Crow

    514 NOCARA

    Faceoff is a better name and a genuinely good pun, in my opinion. I agree with others that Nocara doesn't fit and looks out of place.
  4. Any Pokemon Go players still out there?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Sydno


      Im often playing. I have 0 friend tho :(

    3. Crow


      PM me with your friend code if you want to exchange gifts! (victory)

    4. 6


      Yeah here lol but meh when some towns doesnt have a good signal (annoyed)

  5. Crow

    Eyeeye as mine cartoon eye power

    Do you have any proof that you suggested the idea? Or shall we just take your word for it?
  6. Crow

    why do I expect the admin to respond

    The question or questions in this topic have been answered and an answer has been marked. This topic is now closed. If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.
  7. Not everyone has a forum account and the chat is international, so users can speak in any language they want. The idea is that we'll take suggestions on the chat and raise them in the appropriate place (in the Suggestions or Contributors section of the forums) with credit to that user. Live chatting has its advantages too. We're able to ask users about their suggestions very quickly without having to draw it out over a forum topic. Also, users can pastebin any highly detailed ideas if they wish. The chat will probably evolve once we get a feel for it.
  8. Crow

    Block Kiss Power

    Thanks for this. The topics have now been merged so they're in one place.
  9. Crow

    who is your favorite singer?

    Michael Jackson was an incredible singer, even as a child. So many iconic songs, which are still popular over 30 years later. Billie Jean, Thriller, Smooth Criminal, Bad, Beat It, Earth Song, Dirty Diana, Man in the Mirror, The Way You Make Me Feel, Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough, Black or White. And these are just the ones I remember the most. And that's without mentioning his dancing.
  10. Crow

    Biggest phobia?

    Wet socks
  11. Crow

    What is your favorite weekday off?

    There's an argument for Monday and Friday, for the long blissful weekend. But even Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday breaks the week up. They're all pretty good, if you make the most of them.
  12. Crow

    Rewards for helping

    The bronze, silver and gold badges sound cool. But would it be possible to have a power or chat feature that unlocks after achieving something on the forums? As others have said, it will also likely be abused. It might even damage the helping system if a user's friends are constantly upvoting their answers instead of a more informative/accurate one in an attempt to gain the title. Helping on the forums eventually rewards itself, in my opinion. It's a way of gaining credibility as a helper, which can lead to new opportunities.
  13. Crow

    xat.chat Blog

    That was an enjoyable interview to read! Credit to Solange for the brilliant questions! It was particularly interesting reading your thoughts about becoming wiki editor, forum moderator, Help main, etc., because a lot of us followed your journey and remember it well.
  14. Crow

    What is your goal in life?

    I used to have grandeur dreams of becoming an accomplished writer, but now I've become too comfortable with my secure job and cosy living accommodation. Right now, I'd just be happy with a small pay rise.
  15. Crow

    cuenta eliminada

    La pregunta o preguntas en este tema han sido respondidas y una respuesta ha sido marcada. Este tema está cerrado. Si tienes cualquier otra pregunta, por favor, abre un nuevo tema.

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