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  1. Hi adynamia, If you are unable to retrieve your authenticator code, you should open a support ticket in the Lost Auth department. Click here to create a ticket. You do NOT need to be a paid user or logged in to create this ticket (you can use the email address of your account). Please ensure your ticket subject is 5 words or more, e.g. "I lost my authenticator code". Make sure your password doesn’t include symbols or other characters. Within the ticket message, please specify your problem and provide your ID and regname. For more help with creating tickets, see the ticket wiki article. Fortunately, the Lost Auth department is NOT delayed at the time of writing. Check the email address associated with your account for a notification of reply. If you cannot open a ticket, you can first try changing browsers, using incognito mode, and clearing your cookies/cache. You are typically only allowed to have 1 open ticket at a time. If you already have a ticket open and are still waiting for a reply, please continue to be patient, or message a volunteer on the chats or forums and ask for it to be temporarily closed. Alternatively, if you receive errors for no reason whatsoever, despite following all procedures, please message a volunteer (again on the chats or forums) and politely ask them to open one for you, providing your ID and regname, along with a brief explanation of your problem (i.e. that you don't have your authenticator code). You should provide a screenshot of your attempt to create the ticket. I hope that helps, but if you need anything else at all, or have any specific questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll be more than happy to assist you. Thanks!
  2. A-Z of powers

  3. Help Account Problem

    The question or questions in this topic have been answered and an answer has been marked. This topic is now closed. If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.
  4. Mariposa

    They're a welcome departure from the cartoonish smiley powers we usually get. Indeed, they look very classy and elegant - ideal for decorating names. The gold butterflies and orchids in particular would look stunning with the gold pawn.
  5. please unblock my radio domain for xat

    Go to xatradio.com and register an account. Creating an account is free. Once you're logged in, click HTML WHITELIST from the drop-down menu. Fill out the form, and click SEND YOUR REQUEST. Wait for your request to be approved by xatradio staff. You should be notified by email. Fill out the form at xatradio.com/generator, using the radio IP. Click GENERATE when finished. Edit your chat, and copy the exact generated code into the large edit box. Click Save Changes when finished. If you encounter any problems, xatradio has a ticket system at xatradio.com/support. Or send me a private message, and I'll do my best to help!
  6. Yum or Yuck ???

    Yuck. Just have a real apple. Fizzy water?
  7. Smile I invite you

    Those "try not to laugh" videos on youtube usually do the trick. I'd recommend them for anyone feeling sad!
  8. Goodbye xat

    Your contributions to the graphics community will never be forgotten. Thank you for everything, and good luck in the future! =) Achieve your dreams!
  9. This is very similar to an old topic: The difference between favorite and best is too insignificant to warrant two threads.
  10. Share what you want to be

    Similar topics exist here:
  11. Sell ID 6 dig [RARE]

    This sale has been marked as completed and the topic has been moved from the main ID Marketplace section. If you would like to buy or sell another ID, please open a new topic.
  12. which is your favorite sport?

    It'll be a sad time for tennis fans once Federer (36), Nadal (31), Djokovic (30) and Murray (30) have all retired. There's nobody else on the tour who interests me. Who's your favourite player?
  13. Long time No see

    This type of conversational topic is arguably better suited to a status message. But I suppose it could become a "What have you done/achieved in the last xyz months?" topic instead. What have I been doing? Well, I found a full-time job, became competitive at Pokemon Showdown again (one of my many passions), and started lifting weights for 3x longer (the difference is already noticeable!) How about yourself?
  14. Yum or Yuck ???

    Yum Blue cheese
  15. What are you doing for Christmas?

    I've not had a "family Christmas" since I disowned my mother in early 2015 (long story). The last two Christmases, I was home alone all day (woke up around 2-3pm), and opened my presents at night when my dad and brother got home. I just had salad and frozen pizza for dinner. I imagine this Christmas will be the same, although I'm hoping to spend more time on xat with my friends. Maybe see the new Star Wars film?