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  1. KimDragon

    I only mean to improve your suggestion. I can't really fault the content itself (other than making the descriptions clearer and more presentable) because you've provided lots of ideas, and the smiley makers can adapt / add to them as they please. If you like the name TroyDragon or KimDragon, go for it! =) I suppose it's a similar name style to Ribunny (Rida bunny) and Ceebear (Carly bear) - named after people.
  2. KimDragon

    Call it Gemini power then. That sounds much more appealing to buy.
  3. KimDragon

    The name (TroyDragon) sounds a little silly, IMO. Who is Troy? A character from a franchise? If so, there's that issue of copyright again.
  4. The Final Thread

    To some people, yes. But bear in mind that Mike has been on xat since 2006 (or however long) and has given literal countless hours of his time to the site.

    Is the pawn supposed to come loose from the rocket? It doesn't look tightly strapped in...
  6. ID auction ?

    Your list is missing 400M @SlOom. Not a 4 digit.
  7. Happy Birthday Kyle! How much booze will you be drinking tonight? (smirk)

    1. Kyle


      I’m moving into a new house today so probably not too much


      probably (sman)

  8. ID auction ?

    Here's a good idea to boost ID prices (numeric pawns/hats): Or introduce other benefits for having a lower ID. For example, exclusive crown hats: - gold crown for 4-digit IDs or less - silver crown for 5-digit IDs or less - bronze crown for 6-digit IDs or less (Nothing above 6 though!) @Admin
  9. Champions League

    The copyright issue is important. It's the reason why Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2018 uses alternate logos and names such as Man Red (Man Utd), London FC (Chelsea) and Merseyside Blue (Everton). Although there's always an argument for selling vs. free releases. Perhaps if we can't use existing club logos, we could create our own fictional ones (as suggested in the past). E.g. the Ceebear Stealers or the Ribunny Redskins. (Although I'm sure we can be much more creative!). They would release as a Teams power.
  10. ID auction ?

    40M 400M 40000 400004 44044044 440404044 One of the above please! Thanks!
  11. HumanWolff

    How about a male equivalent, in the form of a werewolf? The smilies could be more rugged and aggressive (rather than playful). They could be twin powers like Cutie and Coolz. Pawns: furry texture, moon, claw, transformation.
  12. New Years

    I watched Nile Rogers on the BBC's New Year's Eve show. And then the fireworks during the interval.
  13. SELL 8 DIG ID: (73737077)

    This sale has been marked as completed and the topic has been moved from the main ID Marketplace section. If you would like to buy or sell another ID, please open a new topic.
  14. Auction

    Explain please.
  15. 477 SQANIMAL

    The wiki page is up: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Sqanimal Credit to Jedi for the speedy template!