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  1. Crow

    My account is locked...

    Hello, Are you logging in from a different location to where you registered your account or last had a location update? Has your internet service provider or IP address changed? Are you using a VPN or web proxy when attempting to log in? If you wish to have your account unlocked, you may message a volunteer and request to have a ticket opened in the Locked Out department. (Or message me!) Within the private message, please include your ID, username, email address and confirmation you still have access to the email address. Thanks!
  2. Crow

    xat.chat Blog

    "I first registered 4 days BEFORE my 14th birthday and the terms said I had to be 14 years old or older to use xat." Did you have permission from your parent(s) or guardian? Keep up the good work on Game and Help! It sets you apart from the other Contributors.
  3. Crow

    Custom home box power

    The little house is symbolic for homepage, and it's easily recognised and understood whatever the language. I quite like that signifier/signified relationship, and the consistency across the website. In terms of customization, I'm more inclined towards the Home Button Color idea.
  4. Crow


    La pregunta o preguntas en este tema han sido respondidas y una respuesta ha sido marcada. Este tema está cerrado. Si tienes cualquier otra pregunta, por favor, abre un nuevo tema.
  5. Crow

    solution for ticket delays?

    Yeah, this is a job for paid professionals with proper training. Calls would need to be recorded too, if users aren't required to reply to their tickets in writing. It wouldn't be possible to carry out scam investigations (or other complex matters) over the phone either - and that's where most of the complaints are anyway.
  6. Crow

    New power (panda)

    Instead of a new panda power (which are essentially recolored bears), we could have a Chinese culture power with a mixture of smileys: - pandas - red Chinese dragons - fortune cookies - kung fu smilies - lucky cat statues - Chinese accessories for xavi - new ricebowl smilies (maybe with red bowls and containing noodles instead) - chow chow dogs - Chinese emperor/warlord - Confucius - decorative lanterns to put in names (glowing any colour you want at any speed) - Chinese alphabet - Chinese architecture buildings (e.g. a pagoda) This power would include the fortune cookie kiss, possibly set at a Chinese restaurant.
  7. Crow


    The screenshots have been removed as per request of the user, but I confirm the disqualification is valid.
  8. This topic is inspired by Sydno's post here and Daniel's interview from 2016. The question is self-explanatory. Have you met anyone from xat in real life before? If so: Who did you meet? Where/when did you meet? How did it go? What happened? What did you do together? Was it what you expected? Would you meet up again? If not, have you any plans to meet anyone on xat? What would you do together? Who do you want to meet most?
  9. Crow

    xat.chat Blog

    Good luck with your university course, Masha! Don't let xat distract you too much.
  10. Crow

    (Image) Power

    Sorry my dude, it's been suggested here: and partially here:
  11. Crow

    Reward System

    Thank you for sharing the idea! It would be amazing to see xat bursting with activity again. We all want that. It's also interesting to theorise a different form of currency on xat that cannot be bought. Your idea encourages users to spend time on the chat, not just their money (although I prefer the medals/achievement system due to their aesthetic appearance). The negatives are that you'd probably have lots of inactive users camping on chats trying to amass coins - although the auto-sign out system would help here. (And for all the inactive users, you might get active ones too!) It could also damage xat's income, if users no longer have to pay for hugs, kisses and some cheap powers. Why would users bother spending xats on them anymore?
  12. Crow

    help please I make a payment but not xats

    Hello again, Please do not post your personal information in public. This includes your name and email address. As per my previous reply, did you try logging in again and refreshing the chat? If you did receive the confirmation email but did not receive xats, and you have logged in again and refreshed the chat, please create a ticket in the Payment Problems department. Your payment will be investigated there.
  13. Crow

    xat.chat Blog

    I'm looking forward to the new content! Maybe you'll get a juicy interview with 42 himself.
  14. Crow

    Option to change Clubs name

    That's a good solution, assuming the forum software is capable of it. Would we allow clubs to completely change their identity/purpose, though? This might not be fair on members who joined beforehand...