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  1. Weekend at Bernie's (it's a movie!) A.B.C.
  2. No, but I can guess! Were you on xat?
  3. Young and beautiful S.P.T.
  4. Yes! One of the best days of the year on xat! Are you?
  5. Go to, or type 'login' while on a chat. After logging in, there should be a number of drop-down boxes on the same page, with 'account locking' next to one. Make sure it's set to OFF (not locked). You'll be able to re-enable account locking after getting the location update.
  6. Before you travel back to Thailand, ensure Account Locking is disabled on your ID, so you don't get locked out. Then, when you arrive at your new permanent location, open a ticket in the 'Location Update' department. You don't have to be a paid user, but you must be logged in. If you have problems opening a ticket, because of security errors, then you can private message a volunteer on the forums about it. I hope this helps you!
  7. I think perhaps we should celebrate Mother's Day away from xat, with our actual moms in real life. But it's a touching tribute nonetheless. Personally, I'm hoping for a Father's Day power this year, as a counterpart to (mom).
  8. Take care Anar
  9. Are you having a good Saturday? Actually, don't reply!
  10. Yes, perhaps! It depends where it is. Would you go swimming with alligators for $1m? 10 minutes in the swamp - no protection.
  11. The question or questions in this topic have been answered and an answer has been marked. This topic is now closed. If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.