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  1. Why?
  2. Make it something a bit more serious, like "If this post gets 100 likes, I will shave the xat logo into my hair".
  3. New forum editing system? =o

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    2. Tanner


      @Brandon Do you know why it was needed?

    3. Brandon


      You never know when someone's going to edit something they shouldn't.

    4. Tanner


      Oh, I see what you're talking about.

  4. Does Jedi like star wars?
  5. With the correct introduction this time
  6. Thank you for asking! I'm tempted to say Dragon Ball Z, having re-watched the anime a million times since the old Toonami days as a kid! (I'm a loyal Gohan fan too, although Dragon Ball Super ruined him a bit with that green tracksuit.) xP Oh, and English grammar too. We did a lot of syntax trees (X-bar theory) at university.
  7. What do you know most about? Where's your area of expertise, and how did you get interested in it? (It can be work or play!)
  8. Inspired by @Kyle's status update. Let's assume you're the only person in the world like this (so you're not forced to work 16-hour days).
  9. Yeah, the sequel wasn't nearly as impressive . Heck, she even touched the bottom before she went completely under. No break-up either. Here's some more potential reasons why the Titanic is a lot more popular: More people died (nearly 1500 more - including drowning and freezing to death) Not nearly enough lifeboats (only enough for 1/3 of people on board) More people on board (2208 vs 1066) Giant break-up of the ship Popular films were made (Celine Dion) The first disaster of its kind (massive passenger liner hitting an iceberg) It was the ship's maiden voyage (a lot of press coverage) Titanic looked more luxurious (Britannic didn't even get the chance to be used as a passenger liner) More atmospheric (happened at night, hundreds of miles from land) Arguably more tragic (an act of nature rather than man) Might have been avoidable (slowing down through the ice field, more communication between ships, binoculars in the crow's nest, not putting the engines in reverse upon sighting the iceberg) There was another ship on the horizon that didn't rescue them And so forth... =P
  10. Can we have the shark scream as a sound? Good idea though! Would certainly bring some fun to the chats.
  11. Here's the sequel you never wanted: It's a game engine, with the same model used in the Titanic video (but modified with davits (cranes), different colors and more detail). The events were thoroughly researched by historians too (such as the sound of the horn, and the angle of the morning sunlight). 4:55 - mine explosion 21:42, 25:15 - lifeboats sucked into the propellers 53:15 - sinking intensifies 55:55 - funnels collapse 58:18 - haunting screech (water rushing into the engine room?) I summarized it below myself (and added some facts), if you're interested!:
  12. Oh god, the race is on again.
  13. ^ This is why we can't have nice things .
  14. Congratulations isa! =P The best person for the job, I'm sure!