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  1. You have my full support.
  2. @Karl being owner on xat_test during the rotating staff era was the best month of my life
  3. Please add myself and @Karl to the list. Thank you.
  4. 1. Favourite power - None of them 2. Favourite chat you went to - Help 3. Favourite part about xat - Help 4. Favourite user that you met - @Karl 5. Favourite forum thread - 6. Favourite xat fan/tool site - Xatworld
  5. Happy birthday Nate 8-)

  6. Does this not change the meaning of the cyan pawn? It is supposed to be for celebrities by definition, not for game and app developers. You expand on this by saying that people can "have it instead" by developing better games and apps. Instead of creating a new incentive for developers, you (lazily) give them something that has absolutely nothing to do with developing. I would propose that something else be given to people who go above and beyond to develop cool new things for xat, but I am well aware that my proposal will fall on deaf ears so I'll just stick with saying that this
  7. Thank you to everyone for participating! This was a wonderful World Cup that included many surprises and unexpected events. Without further ado, the winner of the contest is @MrCigarros with 70 total points. @DonQuijote came in 2nd with 61 total points, and @i1Category came in 3rd with 56 total points. The winner, @MrCigarros has 48 hours to contact @Angelo for their prize. If the prize is not claimed within 48 hours, it will automatically go to the 2nd place finisher. Once again, thank you to everyone who participated. Until 2022!
  8. Every week I open these new power threads and hope I'm reading something from The Onion and then I'm forced to face the harsh reality that these powers actually exist.
  9. This contest is officially no longer accepting entries. Winners will be announced after the final match of the World Cup has been played and winners of all the awards have been announced. Thank you to everyone who entered!
  10. This post serves as a reminder that this contest has LESS THAN 12 HOURS before entries will no longer be accepted. For users who have already entered: Please be sure that your response is formatted correctly according to the guidelines listed in the original post For users who have not already entered: You don't have much longer to do so!
  11. Please format the questions exactly as they are in the original post. You are missing the answer choices for the group winner questions. Please BOLD your answers directly after each question. Please edit your post to include an answer for question 8. Please edit your answer for question 8. It is my understanding that you intend for your answer to be Mbappe, but for the sake of clarity, please remove "Gabriel" from your answer, unless you intend for it to be him, in which case you should bold his name, add a last name, and remove
  12. OFFICIAL xat World Cup Contest I will be posting a series of questions pertaining to the 2018 World Cup, which will be held in Russia. Examples of these questions include who will win Group A, who will be the top goalscorer for the tournament, etc. To PARTICIPATE in this contest, all you will need to do is answer all of the questions posted with your prediction/pick. To WIN this contest, you will need to have the MOST accurate response, meaning the most picks correct. This contest is winner-take-all. The prize is 10,000 xats. @Angelo
  13. I'm voting for my friend @Karl because he's the nicest and coolest guy on the planet. There is nobody who contributes more, not only to xat but to the planet, than him. I really hope he can win this contest.
  14. Congratulations to my son Angelo, I always knew he could do it.
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