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  1. Injustices in the Turkish chat site, curses of the administrators, unlawful prohibitions, trafficking of people and many other things were taken as evidence. Despite the fact that this situation is explained to Sevda, it is a matter of defending the unfair ones, the swearing ones, and not helping the users in this respect. They are in violation of their duties and acting in their own interests. I will take the necessary pictures as evidence for you, this situation is no longer unbearable, it can not be withdrawn. We are extremely uncomfortable in this situation. The prohibition of rig
  2. Written rules do not wake you, are you using malicious , all necessary steps will be made aware of it in you. I'll convey to the person concerned to take the necessary images related to your use of breach of duty and misconduct . Are you abusing your mission with lies. The authority and opened several times and tickets warning about you , do your own self-criticism and then you get to live the life philosophy of justice in this way you will lose your reputation . The screen shots also send you all about people and forms of address with your official misconduct is clear . You do not rea
  3. Turkish by rules under the chat site (to be open to criticism. Criticism will greatly assist you to complete your your missing as well. Therefore you have any prohibition respect and criticism message, unless insult inclusion.) Although writing such an establishment I criticize my officials yasaklanıl the reason. I'm doing the chat group or credit card for shopping, you can control, not ban me according to my rights that I have enjoyed. Despite failure to comply with the rules under the site by using a credit card ban in progress and I am buying xats days a violation of my rights in the face o
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