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  1. Shake

    Congratulations (hug) on (hello) wiki :p translator!! You deserve it more (applause) than everyone else (hi)

    1. Maxo


      Thank you very much SHAKE i appreciate that (hug)(hug) 

  2. xat is innovative ! i think xat could use some help from its xat users and make xat a more fun place to hang out at. hence im suggesting DOG BREEDS POWER! there's a dog smiley in xat but i think we could have breeds to match the owner's personality for example chihuahua can i get an owa owa??? golden retriever corgi pug let me know what you think !! i think its a very creative and necessary power for people who love dogs just like me you could also color the fur to match your fursona or whatev
  3. this forum fell off methinks

  4. Shake


    It’s literally grey. Darker grey. Contributors are supposed to actively decide relevant takes on xat. You didn’t take the time to understand my designer appreciation method. Just say you want a bright color to feel relevant and go.
  5. Shake


    I disagree with adding colors to such “designer” rank/badge, which is clearly what OP is aiming for. It’s not a good look to want to stand out from others by just adding text to generic pictures. I guess a could be on par with the graphics chat rank where a certain rank, the user would achieve this “design enthusiast” seamless rank; it could help the activity of the chat.
  6. Happy birthday shake! Stan lany and legends only aite! Have a good one ya 8-)

    1. Shake




  8. spooky gang lives in ur head rent free (swt)

    1. LiaMarie


      we really do! love that for us uwu

    2. iSavage


      stan lany!

  9. color: red/black image: it could be something related to the umbrella academy, i'm gonna be looking for a pic meanwhile image alternative: maybe something out of the video 'dead end' by vewn
  10. when are we getting the SUPERWASTE collection
  11. ok so this isn't gonna be very well made mostly because it's a small suggestion that came up in my head while eating lasagna and i don't know what the downsides would be. plus idk if someone has suggested this in the recent months/years my suggestion is that xat implements the mobile pawn again. the purpose of letting other users know when they're using the app while in a chatbox is more of a consideration related topic, because sometimes you would pm/pc someone else a link and they'd be like "oh im on mobile i cant open it." *here goes a pic of the pawn if i can find i
  12. Shake

    Badboy Power

    Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, showstopper, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before. Keep up the amazing work. <3
  13. adding this feature to regular zoom would be more considerate
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