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      As recently as last week, the requirements to become an Advanced Member changed. Simply making posts will no longer get you to Advanced Member. You'll need a fair amount of posts and a fair amount of reputation. These aren't the only requirements, and the exact requirements are not disclosed. Reputation abuse is regularly monitored as well. In order to become an Advanced Member in a timely fashion, you will need to regularly contribute to the forum and make high quality posts.


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  1. happy birthday i love u

    1. Flake


      thanks daddy (wailing)

  2. Yes or No

    Nope. Do you like TLoZ: Breath of the Wild?
  3. New blasts

    when the vitamin C kicks in

    Shake (123629123)
  5. FIONA - puppies

    i'm still waiting for the troll power ya YAAAsedit: i hope it ws a real thing
  6. A-Z of Pokémon

    Jigglypuff lol
  7. What's your favorite type of pizza?

    Mine is Bacon BBQ chicken or Deep-dish pizza.
  8. 454 NIGHTMARE

    I thought that was an empanada until I checked the wiki lol
  9. Yum or Yuck ???

    wtf yum mundane blood?
  10. Silent Kick Bots Power

    Should work for kick (with all of its alternatives) and kickall as well.
  11. Yes or No

    Hell yes. Do you read often?