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  1. Titles and vote system

    Oh boy. We all wish it were that easy...
  2. Contest #06: Win the DIVA power and 65 xats!

    I received my prize! Thanks
  3. you're profile photography is really nice (hug):o:d

    1. Flake


      thanx bro haha i love daddy karl xx

    2. Karl


      BE GONE VERMIN lol xx

    3. 6

    Shake 123629123 *British accent* i don't know why my hand hurts, maybe i should go to the doctor. he might probably say i should get an octo
  5. Post what is in your clipboard

    don't judge
  6. Yum or Yuck ???

    I... don't know... is this a thing? I'll stick with Yum. Fried rice with ketchup?
  7. Favorite Clothing?

    as long as they have good hoodies, works for me.
  8. WIN 666 XATS (6 WINNERS)

    no devil is devil without his fedora and doritos full thingy: https://i.imgur.com/UOlA6nT.png
  9. Contest #06: Win the DIVA power and 65 xats!

    shake 123629123
  10. I am from Colombia and I live in Colombia :^)
  11. A good weekend!

    Shake 123629123 Are you man? No, I'm Shakesp3are, and this is my chat box. I work here with my old man and my son, Zed. Everything in here has a story and a ban. One thing I've learned after 11 years - you never know what troll is gonna come through that pool.
  12. Brandon Rogers ... or Julio Profe (Spanish speakers will understand )
  13. WIN MARK

    Shake 123629123 Dear Alazar, See how my ID ends with a three? So help me win this, otherwise, I’ll go on a trolling spree.
  14. Yellow Smiley Filter Power

    I feel like there haven't been many add-on smilies lately. Something like this would be something nice to have, coming from someone who commonly uses smilies on their name or avatar. As long as they don't add stories...