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  1. as well as coreans, mexicans and afro people. and why not all lgtb?
  2. whatsnormal (271418201) https://i.imgur.com/T6yoz6K.png https://i.imgur.com/5LX6sQD.png
  3. Power 1000 superhat use all limited pawns ( u need to have everypower and 1000 days) idk guys why are u still spending money on this frustrated site..
  4. Hello i had a lot of time without entering to xat.com, today i'd like to sign in and it appears that my account was deleted, i would like to know why my account was deleted i remember my user name is FOSTER.. Thanks please reply, i would like to get my account back or the money i spent on it PS. I cant open a TICKET bc i need to open another account, and pay to xat (yes, ima pay again to xat after they deleted the account where i spent money - sarcasm)
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